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How Entrepreneurship Changes your Life for the Better

Entrepreneurship is one of the most rewarding careers out there, but it can also be one of the most stressful. You’ll need to embrace your inner entrepreneur if you want to make it in this competitive industry, but taking that first step can be challenging. Being an entrepreneur is the first step toward financial independence, but many people are unaware of what entrepreneurship does for your health. It turns out that being an entrepreneur has positive effects on your mental and physical well-being. Here’s how entrepreneurship changes your life for the better.

1. You learn to let go of the word “busy.”

Becoming an entrepreneur will teach you that it’s okay to say no. You won’t have time for every event and social gathering, no matter how much fun they sound in the beginning. It also gives you more time to relax and enjoy life.

In addition to this, entrepreneurship forces you to make better use of your time so that even if all day long feels like busyness and chaos, at the end of each day or week, month or year, one can look back on what they’ve accomplished and realize how much they’ve really done instead of feeling like nothing got done because everything took so long.

2. They tend to spend more time with their families.

Entrepreneurs tend to spend more time with their families. Entrepreneurs are often thought of as workaholics because they’re always working on something and rarely take vacations. However, most entrepreneurs are not like that at all.

Entrepreneurs understand how to balance the demands of family and business. They may not have as much time for their friends or other interests, but since their work provides a way for them to provide for their family (and sometimes even friends), it doesn’t seem like a big sacrifice for them.

3. You get to see your own vision come to life.

Being an entrepreneur takes commitment and persistence. Well, most entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs because they want to make their own rules and do things differently. So, when you start your own business, you get to see your vision come to life. You get to be as creative as possible without having someone else tell you what works or doesn’t work for them. It’s liberating!

4. You see things from a different perspective.

You start to see things from a different perspective. You learn to see the big picture and what’s possible. You can spot potential in people and ideas that others might miss because you’ve become more aware of their perspective.

You also start to understand that sometimes you need the right tools or mindset to progress with your goals, so seeing things from another viewpoint helps give us insight into how we can reach them.

5. Entrepreneurs tend to be healthier than average.

You are more likely to be physically active as an entrepreneur. You’re also more likely to eat healthy, and less likely to smoke. In fact, you can generally expect higher self-esteem and satisfaction in your life as a result of being your own boss.

Entrepreneurs are also more likely to have strong support networks, which makes sense because they’re working hard at something they love. They have the opportunity to meet new people every day, and these relationships can contribute to better finances, too (such as through networking events).

If you’re considering entrepreneurship, we strongly recommend Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones by James Clear. It’s a practical guide to building positive habits and breaking negative ones. The book explains how small, consistent changes can lead to significant improvements in your life and provides a step-by-step approach to making lasting changes.


7. You get to be your own boss.

Being your own boss means you get to make all the decisions. You decide when and where to work, what hours to keep, how much money you want to earn, and even how your business should operate.

This means that if you want a long weekend off or even a week-long vacation with no contact from anyone at all—you can do it! And that freedom is something many people dream about but never actually accomplish in their current jobs.

Unlike traditional employment, where there may be limits on when you can request days off, entrepreneurship allows you the freedom to self-manage.

There will be more ups and downs than you’d probably like, but you’ll learn how to appreciate each one for what it is.

When things are going well, you’ll have plenty of time to celebrate on your own terms—you won’t have to wait until your boss gets back from vacation or gives everyone Friday afternoon off because they’ve hit their sales goals for the quarter.

8. Your relationships become stronger and deeper.

Your relationships will be the first to change. Entrepreneurship is incredibly rewarding and exciting, but it also means that you will have less time for your loved ones.

Your friends might feel slightly neglected or even abandoned as you begin working full-time on your business. This can leave them feeling hurt or confused—and often leads people to question whether they should continue being friends with you.

But if you take things slow, be honest about what’s happening in your life, and communicate openly with them about it (not just when something comes up), there’s no reason why this shouldn’t be a positive experience for everyone involved.

In fact, many entrepreneurs report that their friendships become stronger and deeper once they work on their own businesses because they have more free time available to spend with those who matter most in their lives—people who aren’t necessarily interested in entrepreneurship themselves but still want to hang out with them anyways (and vice versa).

Entrepreneurship has been shown by researchers like Dan Pink at Stanford University School of Medicine as well as other business experts like Simon Sinek or Jack Ma himself (founder of Alibaba) that it improves empathy levels among entrepreneurs due to increased self-awareness which makes one more aware of how others feel around them too.

9. You’ll inspire others to pursue their dreams.

When you start your own business, you’ll inspire others to pursue their dreams and show them that there is a path to success. When someone asks how you made it, it will be easy to share with them the steps that got you there—and why they, too, can follow in your footsteps.

Not only will entrepreneurship make people feel inspired, but it can also bring happiness into their lives as well. It doesn’t matter if they don’t have any money or experience; entrepreneurs begin with nothing but an idea and end up becoming successful because of their determination and drive. They’ve seen what people thought was impossible become possible through hard work and perseverance.

Being an entrepreneur can change your life by making you happier and healthier while working on your own terms.

    If you’re thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, we highly recommend it. Even if you aren’t sure which path to take or what kind of business to start, it’s never too soon to start planning out your future! Entrepreneurship has been shown again and again to change people’s lives for the better. So give it a shot: we’re confident this article will help inspire some plans for you.


    Keetria is an entrepreneur, wellness advocate, and brand strategy coach for creatives & entrepreneurs with 16 years of public relations expertise working with some of the world’s leading brands, startups, media personalities, and entertainers. If you want to work together, don’t hesitate to reach out!

    The Value of Connection with Marketing Extraordinaire Michelle Ngome

    We speak with speaker, author, and marketing consultant Michelle Ngome – Founder and CEO of Line 25 Consulting. We talk about how she got her start in marketing, her approach to personal branding, her book, and her founding of the African American Marketing Association, along with tips on how to really effectively network with people. We also talk about how effective staying focused is, and how it’s made an impact in Michelle’s life.

    The SOB audience can receive 50% off coaching sessions with Michelle at here.

    Our listeners can also download her FREE Personal Brand Guide —> Time To Make Noise: 7 Steps to Creating an Influential Personal Brand or grab it from her website

    Show Notes:

    • Michelle enjoying street team work caught Keetria’s attention
      • Michelle’s experience promoting J-Kwon in 2004 on Superbowl weekend was her entry to the marketing world
      • Having a product made it easier for Michelle to introduce herself to people
    • Michelle worked in entertainment for a couple years before fully venturing into marketing
    • The importance of connection
      • “Looking across rather than looking up” – looking for someone to put us on rather than help each other up
      • We want to be at the table with people bringing equal or greater value
    • Ideas on creating a valuable connection – audience numbers vs engagement
      • You have to initiate!
      • You have to care – genuinely check on people, not just for business reasons
    • Creativity vs Structure
      • Writing her book gave Michelle ideas to write many other books
      • It takes time to take care of clients and of your own personal projects at the same time
    • Michelle speaks about the 7 steps to developing a personal brand she describes in her book

      • These include developing a core message, establishing a platform, storytelling, using your publicity and your connections
      • A lot of times we’re too much in our own heads, creating internal dilemmas
    • Michelle is establishing the African American Marketing Association
      • Professional organization focusing on the growth and development of marketing professionals
      • There’s a void for black marketing organizations
    • Networking with Michelle
      • “The Go To Podcast for African American Millennials discussing life strategies with a bit of entrepreneurial advice”
      • Starting out as just business advice, the importance of broader life strategies became more apparent as the show went on
      • Bringing extraordinary friends on the show – looking across rather than up
    • Any advice for those of us afraid to network?
      • You never know who you’re going to meet and what it may lead to
      • It goes back to initiating engagement, and it’s often reciprocated
      • Touch base with people over the holiday events happening now

    Key Points:

    1.  Initiating communication and being genuinely in touch can go really far in establishing your network.
    2.  Michelle talks about the seven steps she writes about in her book to build her personal brand.
    3. Looking for the excellence in the people around you rather than always up towards others can be a really powerful networking asset.
    4. Stick to one thing.

    Tweetable Quotes:

       “We’re no longer in a time when we can just put our head down, do good work, and expect a promotion.” – Michelle Ngome.

          “Lots of times we’re too busy looking up when we need to be looking across.” – Michelle Ngome.

          “Resonate! You have it – let’s bring it out, bring it out to share it with the world.” – Michelle Ngome.

    Resources Mentioned:

    Education, Scholarships & Opportunity with Minorities to Majorities CEO Jasmine Chigbu

    In episode 58 Keetria talks with Jasmine Chigbu, CEO and Founder of Minorities to Majorities. Jasmine´s goal is to make higher education more accessible to minorities. After spending too much time searching for opòrtunities, she knew there had to be an easier way. Join Keetria and Jasmine as they talk about the movement she is creating and the journey of a minority entrepreneur. There’s also 15% off all MTM merchandise with promo code “STYLEOFBUSINESS.” Listen to the show!

    Show Notes:

    • Introduction of guest Jasmine Chigbu, CEO and Founder of Minorities to Majorities
    • How Jasmine created a resource for minorities for grad school and scholarships
    • Jasmine created an app that helps minorities see their scholarship opportunities at their fingertips
    • The app is all about giving people access. There is no barrier to download the app.
    • The biggest frustration when it comes to minorities looking for scholarship
    • There is a lack of support for minorities
    • The entrepreneur journey of a minority woman


    Key Points:

    1.  Jasmine created an app Minorities to Majorities that allows students to access resources at the tips of their fingertips.
    2.  Jasmine is making higher education more accessible for everyone and in the long-term healing individuals and communities through higher education.


    Tweetable Quotes:

        “Communities and people can be healed through higher education.” – Jasmine.

          “Do your research.” – Jasmine.

          “Being an entrepreneur and being a black woman in the process has been a constant process of learning.” – Jasmine.


    Resources Mentioned:

    The Business of Radio with “Live @” host Cha Cha Mystique

    In episode 57 Keetria talks with guest, Cha Cha Mystique,  Host of the radio show “Live @…” at DAMATRIX studios. Cha Cha shares how she works to maintain her own broadcast while discussing the ins and outs of the broadcasting industry.

    Show Notes:

    • Introduction of guest Cha Cha Mystique, Host of the radio show “Live @…” at DAMATRIX studios.
    • How Cha Cha became the host of a radio show
    • Why being direct and transparent is extremely refreshing
    • The content Cha Cha creates is completely freestyled otherwise it seems robotic
    • It is incredibly empowering to be able to share your voice from a radio platform
    • Why Cha Cha wants to host entrepreneurs, artists, and comedians on her show
    • Why the show gets boring when people agree all the time
    • Cha Cha discloses her favorite events and artists
    • How to promote a style that is more underground and get a huge reach
    • For Cha Cha, staying inspired means knowing failure and being broke
    • Keep going for what you believe in and don’t let anyone else take you away from that


    Key Points:

    1.    If you have a passion for something, your path will lead you to it.
    2.    Being direct and transparent on a broadcast is invaluable and refreshing for listeners.


    Tweetable Quotes:

           “We freestyle everything. I don’t even write questions.” – Cha Cha.

          “Don’t let nobody take you away from that [your passion].” – Cha Cha.

          “Keep going after what you believe in.” – Cha Cha.


    Resources Mentioned:

    Dream Big, The Universe is Listening with Ilona Selke


    In episode 56 we hear from guest, Ilona Selke, the CEO of Living from Vision and Author of Dream Big the Universe is Listening. Keetria and Ilona talk about how we have to ability to consciously manifest what we want out of our life. Ilona shares tips and techniques on how to channel and manifest our dreams.

    Show Notes:


    • Introduction of guest Ilona Selke, CEO and creator of Living from Vision and Author of Dream Big the Universe is Listening.
    • How we can work from the inside out
    • How do you create the environment to meet people is not the first step of communicating with the universe
    • Why creating an internal image and knowing is the important first step
    • Why you need to feel what it would feel like if you already had your fulfillment of your dreams
    • Why goal setting is important
    • Why your mind and feelings are just important in manifesting dreams
    • How the app guides people through thankfulness and other manifestation exercises
    • How to start positive thinking in your life
    • Why you need to start getting your intuitions to work for you
    • How your choice and thoughts creates what is real
    • Why it is important to reflect on what you are grateful for
    • Why it is important to ask for help
    • How we shift time and space in a very dramatic way
    • Why our consciousness really matters in how our lives unfold


    3 Key Points:

    1.     We all have the ability to manifest what we want out of the world and our lives.
    2.     To manifest our dreams in our life, we need to visualize (every morning) the consequences of our desires and how it would feel.
    3.      Through this visualization, we start to manifest the life of our dreams.


    Tweetable Quotes:

        “Work smarter not harder.” – Ilona.

          “Working from the inside out.” – Ilona.

          “Start exploring your mind and your inner emotions.” – Ilona.


    Resources Mentioned:

    Defying Impossible & Achieving Success with Dr. Venus, The Millionaire Mentor


    In episode 55 we hear from Dr. Venus Opal Reese the CEO of Defy Impossible and Author of The Black Woman Millionaire: A Revolutionary Act that Defies Impossible. Keetria speaks with Dr. Venus about the recent success of her book, “The Black Woman Millionaire: A Revolutionary Act that Defies Impossible” and how we can all defy the impossible every day. Dr. Venus shares how she took control of her life, created her own businesses and started helping others achieve success. 

    Show Notes:

    • Introduction of Dr. Venus Opal Reese, CEO and creator of Defy Impossible and Author of The Black Woman Millionaire
    • Dr. Venus shares her background and unconventional road to success
    • How to combat negativity and move beyond what people think or say about you
    • Dr. Venus talks about Defies Impossible and her mission to bring about change
    • How to build a business and the problems most people have in starting one
    • Why people get stuck year after year in unfulfilling positions
    • Don’t settle for what you think you can manage. Don’t stop dreaming and hoping. Don´t be too afraid to try
    • Words of Encouragement: Start where you are and get around people who are where you want to go


    3 Key Points:

    1.     To navigate entrepreneurship, Dr. Venus says having a team is key.
    2.     Dr. Venus talks about how to build your business and the struggles associated with it.
    3.     Don’t stop dreaming and hoping. Don’t be too afraid to try.


    Tweetable Quotes:

          “Defiance wasn’t an external. Defiance was fighting against all of the negativity that I truly believed about myself.” – Dr. Venus

          “Defying the impossible really is an internal thing.” – Dr. Venus
          “Money is an energetic thing. It is not what you do.” – Dr. Venus

          “Start where you are and get around people who are where you want to go.” – Dr. Venus


    Resources Mentioned:

    Building a Foundation for Success with GTEX Co-founder Simone Vincenzi

    In episode 54, Keetria talks with Simone Vincenzi, Co-Founder of GTEX. Simone is a High-Converting, Entertaining Trainer and Speaker. He works with businesses as a coach to help them grow and develop. Simone´s path wasn’t a straight path. Starting as a restaurant manager Simone molded his path to a life and business he loves. Simone shares how he made it as an entrepreneur with little initial knowledge about business.

    Show Notes:

    • Introduction of guest Simone Vincenzi, Co-Founder of GTEX and Professional Development speaker.
    • At age 22, Simone realized he had reached the top of what he was doing for the education he had.
    • Although Simone worked in restaurant management his whole life he discovered his passion for coaching when he was 22. He quickly got a diploma in that area.
    • Due to his young age, Simone would coach as a part of a larger organization. He started to speak at schools.
    • Simone did a lot of shifts that were unpaid to gain experience.
    • Simone talks about the lack of family support and difficult times that made him a stronger and better business owner.
    • Simone puts more emphasis on the process than the results in personal development.
    • It is about being proactive rather than reactive and finding solutions rather than problems.
    • If you are waiting for things to be perfect, then it is never going to happen.
    • If you want to really stand out as a speaker and make a name for yourself, always think about what makes me unique.
    • Build your expertise and to prove that you are there walking, living, breathing embodiment of what you do.


    3 Key Points:

    1.     The path to running your own business is not “one size fits all.”
    2.     The path to business is a series of ups and downs and people not believing in what you have to offer.
    3.      If you want to be successful, get experience and eat, walk, and breathe what you are selling.


    Tweetable Quotes:

          “Everything was a challenge and an opportunity.” – Simone.

          “An adventure is an opportunity to become a better person.” – Simone.

          “Build your expertise and to prove that you are there walking, living, breathing embodiment of what you do because just because you attended today’s seminar for free.” –Simone.


    Resources Mentioned:

    Freelancing Your Way to Freedom with Dayne Shuda of Ghost Blog Writers


    In episode 53 Keetria sits with Dayne Shuda, Founder of Ghost Blog writers. Keetria and Dayne talk about freelancing, and Dayne shares his story about how he transitioned from his job to full-time freelancing. Dayne shares best practices when deciding to freelance full-time and gives us a peek into the life of a freelancing entrepreneur.

    Show Notes:

    • Introduction of guest Dayne Shuda, Founder of Ghost Blog Writers
    • How Dayne´s first job sparked interest to start exploring digital content
    • After he secured two clients, Dayne started to consider freelancing as a job
    • Having clients and a basic setup of the company eased Dayne´s transition from the corporate realm to entrepreneur life
    • How Dayne comes up with content for the blog
    • The goal of a business blog is to attract people to your brand
    • Don´t look at your blog´s analytics during your first year
    • How a personal blog and a business blog are different
    • Blogging is a unique way to connect with people
    • How Dayne would pivot his business if the blogging world collapsed

    3 Key Points:

    1. Freelancing as a viable job is becoming more and more popular.
    2. Developing an understanding of digital content and getting clients eases the transition into freelancing.
    3. If you are serious about freelancing and can see some potential, just do it.

    Tweetable Quotes:

    –       “Having the clients was a big one [help] instead of just jumping on an idea.” – Dayne.

    –       “Content creators are big consumers of content.” – Dayne.

    –       “If you are serious about it and can see some potential, just do it.” – Dayne.

    Resources Mentioned:

    The Truth about Failing Forward with Erin Martin


    Erin Martin, entrepreneur and wellness enthusiast, joins us to speak about her journey in holistic wellness and how it led to her business. She talks about her family, everyday inspiration and what led her to the work she does today. Erin leaves us with inspiring tips to live a life we love.

    Show Notes:

    • Introduction of guest Erin Martin, an entrepreneur in the health and wellness industry.
    • Impact chronic illnesses / cystic fibrosis had on her family; Erin switched paths, quit her job, and stayed at home to take care of her kids.
    • The intimidating parts of an eight-year employment gap and how to leverage the gap.
    • Erin on how to conquer the work-life balance when growing your own business.
    • The future of business is shifting towards you work during the hours you can, and if you’re successful, it works. The standard 9-5 is going out the window.
    • Don´t be afraid of failure, and don´t be afraid of making mistakes. As long as I am moving forward, it is ok.
    • There is opportunity everywhere. Keep going.
    • Get up early even if you are not a morning person.
    • Map out your days in the morning or the night before.
    • The role of spirituality and faith play in Erin´s life and success.
    • Have a no-abandon attitude
    • The only way you are going to fail is if you quit, but you are the biggest loser before you are the biggest winner.
    • After failure, it is hard to see the success. We have to keep going.

    3 Key Points:

    1. Wellness is extremely important for us to be able to live a life we love.
    2. Shaping our business around our life is the future of business.
    3. Our biggest failures happen before our biggest successes. Keep going.

    Tweetable Quotes:

    –       “The only time things are perfect are when we are standing still. If we are moving forward, we are going to drop some things, but we can go back and pick them up. It´s called failing forward.” – Erin Martin.

    –       “There is opportunity everywhere. Keep going.” – Erin Martin.

    –       “Jesus is my business partner.” – Erin Martin.

    Resources Mentioned:

    The Wellness Way of Life with Tif Pate


    Tif Pate, entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast, joins us to speak about holistic wellness and what a wellness business looks like. Tune in as she talks about making health a top priority and how to create a business around your value system.

    Show Notes:


    • Introduction of guest Tif Pate
    • The power of wellness and effects on life
    • Fitness mental blocks and how to get past them
    • The future of biohealth
    • Customizing biohealth
    • How to train your body according to your needs
    • The effects of food and medications on how your DNA is expressed
    • How taking care of ourselves affects the world around us
    • Insecurities and how they control us
    • Workout recovery gems that help
    • Striving for life-work balance
    • How to schedule everything around your workout
    • The most important appointment you should keep
    • How to ensure a successful business
    • Why knowing your value system is important when creating a business


    3 Key Points:

    1. The power of holistic wellness in our lives and why it is important.
    2. The journey from unhealthy to healthy is a process.
    3. How to balance your life and always fit your 30 minutes of exercise into your day.


    Tweetable Quotes:

    –       “It is all a journey—for thicker or thinner” – Tif Pate.

    –       “I am here to help, inspire, and change people’s lives for the better” – Tif Pate.
    –       “If you are going to do business, it needs to be something that is in line with your value system” – Tif Pate.


    Resources Mentioned:

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