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Pouring Creativity: Unique Ways to Enjoy Cream Based Liqueur

Liqueurs made with a creamy base are a welcome addition to any bar. These liqueurs range from traditional Irish cream to chocolate, coffee, and even fruit infusions, all of which are silky, smooth, rich, and decadent. You can try different flavor profiles and pairings by creating unique Cream Based Liqueur concoctions. It’s a chance to try new things, broaden your taste buds, and deepen your appreciation for liqueurs.

Caramel Irish Coffee

Caramel, coffee, and Irish cream liqueur make for a delicious flavor combination. The velvety texture of the Irish cream liqueur balances the bold flavor of brewed coffee and the subtle sweetness of the caramel. Because of its warmth and softness, this drink is perfect for a night by the fireplace.

All you need is hot brewed coffee, Irish Cream liqueur from Thirst: Philippines’ First Online Liquor Marketplace (you can browse through their wide selection of options, too), and a drizzle of caramel sauce. It’s a quick and hassle-free drink you can whip up quickly, perfect for casual gatherings and personal indulgence.

The caramel in Irish coffee makes it appear as good as it tastes. Layering coffee, Cream Based Liqueur, and caramel offers an attractive visual appearance. To make the beverage more visually appealing, top it with whipped cream, caramel sauce, or cocoa powder for a finishing touch.

Winter-Warmer Drink

The Winter-Warmer Drink is great for Christmas parties or other winter gatherings. It’s a delicious and unique drink you can give as a welcome drink or warm nightcap.

It often incorporates spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, or cloves, which are synonymous with winter flavors. You can try out different Cream Based Liqueurs, like Irish cream or vanilla cream, to make drinks with unique tastes. You can also change the amount of spices to fit your taste and add a splash of your favorite spirit, like rum or whiskey, for an extra kick.

The Cream Based Liqueur in the Winter-Warmer Drink adds a luxurious and velvety texture to the beverage. It creates a creamy and indulgent mouthfeel that enhances the overall drinking experience. The silkiness of the liqueur makes the flavors more robust and rich.

Mocha Martini

The Mocha Martini is a coffee and chocolate liqueur cocktail that mixes the bold flavors of each with the silky smoothness of a Cream Based Liqueur. The ultimate result is a delicious combination of flavors. The cocktail’s exquisite balance comes from the coffee’s sharpness, the liqueur’s sweetness, and the chocolate’s richness.

It’s a drink that makes you feel fancy and rich, perfect for parties and celebrations or whenever you feel like treating yourself. The martini’s appearance and flavorful combination make it an enjoyable drinking experience.

This cocktail is a visual feast served in a martini glass and topped with cocoa powder or chocolate shavings. It’s a classy touch that may make a big impression at social events.

Irish Cream Shooters

Irish Cream Shooters are easy to change to fit different tastes and events. To give the shooters a unique twist, try different liquors, like chocolate, mint, or Cream Based Liqueurs with caramel.

You can also change the amounts of liqueur and other ingredients to get your desired flavor and strength. Because the recipe is so flexible, there are many ways to make it your own.

Their small size makes them perfect for sharing and encourages guest conversation and interaction. Serving shooters in creative shot glasses or small dessert cups makes the experience more fun and visually appealing, making it a drink that people will remember and enjoy.

Coffee Slushie

A Coffee Slushie is a refreshing drink that mixes a chilled slushie with a Cream Based Liqueur. It feels cool and refreshing, so it’s great for hot summer days or when you want something cold. The liqueur’s creamy texture gives the slushie a touch of luxury, making it a delicious and rewarding drink.

You can blend coffee, a Cream Based Liqueur, ice, and other flavorings or sugar. You can quickly whip up a refreshing and delicious Coffee Slushie with just a few ingredients and a blender. Serve it with a fun straw, some whipped cream, chocolate shavings, or a dusting of cocoa powder to the top, and on tall glasses or mason jars.

Bourbon Irish Cream

Adding bourbon to Irish cream liqueur makes for a more subtle and exciting cocktail. Bourbon’s complex flavor combines vanilla, oak, caramel, and spices.

Different bourbon brands and varieties give their unique flavors and aromas. You can customize the cocktail to your liking by changing the proportion of bourbon to Irish cream, resulting in a more robust bourbon flavor or a smoother, sweeter drink.

Irish cream’s richness works wonderfully with bourbon’s nuanced caramel undertones to produce a delicious and satisfying drink. Indulgent and pleasant, combining these two different spirits creates a new flavor profile.

Experiment with New Flavors and Combinations of Cream Based Liqueur

Discover new flavors and let your bartending imagination go wild by mixing up some of these unusual Cream Based Liqueur concoctions. Sipping on a dessert-like drink with an Irish cream base from Thirst will satisfy your sweet tooth while offering a delightful boozy twist. These one-of-a-kind drinks will surely please your taste buds and bring a touch of elegance to any event, whether you’re hosting a party or just indulging a little.

Celebrating Authenticity: The Role of Gemstone Identification in Today’s Jewelry Market

In today’s jewelry market, gemstone identification is crucial in ensuring customers get the real deal. Understanding the importance of gemstone identification is essential for both buyers and sellers, as it not only determines the authenticity and value of gemstones but also protects consumers from fraudulent practices.

Business owners everywhere can attest to the importance of protecting their businesses and customers from potential risks and uncertainties. This article delves into the importance of gemstone identification, its impact on jewelry market value, the role of gemstone identification in consumer protection, and future trends in the field.

What is the Importance of Gemstone Identification?

Gemstone identification determines a gemstone’s type, quality, and origin. It involves scientific techniques and specialized tools to assess a gemstone’s properties and characteristics accurately. Experts can ensure that customers purchase genuine stones, not cheap imitations or synthetic alternatives by identifying gemstones.

Moreover, gemstone identification is crucial for determining the value of a gemstone. In ensuring the integrity and value of these precious stones, the expertise of a certified GIA appraiser becomes indispensable.

Willyn Villarica Jewelry, a stalwart in the gem and jewelry landscape, underscores this significance. With a legacy of trust and commitment to quality, Willyn Villarica Jewelry offers unmatched expertise and a curated selection of gemstones, setting the gold standard in the industry. Their dedication to authenticity and excellence ensures that every client receives not only a piece of jewelry but a timeless treasure.

How Does Gemstone Identification Impact the Jewelry Market Value?

The advent and widespread adoption of gemstone identification have brought profound changes to the jewelry market value in several key ways:

Standardization of Value

Before the standardized gemstone identification processes were established, valuation was largely subjective and relied heavily on individual expertise. With the introduction of systematic identification methods and grading systems, such as those by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), there’s a consistent benchmark, making gemstone pricing more standardized and transparent.

Diminution of Fakes

As gemstone identification became more prevalent, the influx of synthetic or treated stones being passed off as natural became less common, ensuring that genuine gemstones retained their premium values.

Boost in Consumer Confidence

Knowledge that a gemstone has been identified and graded by a reputable source provides assurance to consumers. This heightened confidence encourages higher spending and elevates the overall market value, as consumers are willing to pay a premium for certified authenticity.

Shift in Source Value

Identification often includes determining the origin of a gemstone. Certain regions are renowned for producing exceptionally high-quality or uniquely colored gemstones. As a result, gems from these regions fetch higher prices, adjusting market value based on source.

Highlighting Treatments

Over time, various treatments have been developed to enhance the appearance of gemstones. Identification practices that detect and report these treatments ensure that untreated, natural gemstones command a premium while treated stones are priced accordingly.

Market Expansion

As gemstone identification became more accessible, new markets emerged. Previously wary of buying high-value gemstones from unfamiliar sources, consumers felt more confident when backed by certification —this expanded market reach, increasing demand and, consequently, the overall market value.

What are the Roles of Gemstone Identification in Consumer Protection?

Gemstone identification is vital for consumer protection, as it prevents customers from falling victim to fraudulent gemstone sales and ensures the quality and authenticity of their jewelry purchases.

Avoiding Fraudulent Gemstone Sales

By accurately identifying gemstones, consumers can avoid purchasing fake or misrepresented gemstones. Counterfeit gemstones, such as synthetic or glass imitations, may be passed off as natural gemstones to deceive unsuspecting buyers. Gemstone identification provides the necessary tools to identify such scams.

Ensuring Quality and Authenticity in Jewelry Purchases

Gemstone identification serves as a quality assurance tool for jewelry purchases. Buyers can verify that the gemstones used in their jewelry are genuine and meet their desired standards. This knowledge empowers consumers to make well-informed choices and invest in jewelry that retains its value over time.

What are the Future Trends in Gemstone Identification?

Gemstone identification is evolving due to advancements in technology and changing industry trends. This shift is changing how jewelry businesses worldwide operate, highlighting the essential skill of identifying authentic gemstones.

Technological Advances in Gemstone Identification

New technologies, such as advanced spectroscopic techniques and imaging systems, are revolutionizing the field of gemstone identification. These advances enhance gemologists’ capabilities, allowing for more accurate and efficient gemstone assessments.

The Growing Importance of Ethical Sourcing in Gemstone Identification

Ethical sourcing is becoming an increasingly important aspect of gemstone identification. Consumers are demanding transparency and responsible practices throughout the gemstone supply chain. With gemstone identification, it is possible to trace a gemstone’s origin and ensure it has been ethically mined and processed.


Gemstone identification plays a fundamental role in today’s jewelry market. It enables buyers and sellers to determine gemstones’ authenticity, value, and quality, protecting consumers from fraudulent practices. As the field advances, incorporating technological innovations and addressing ethical concerns will shape the future of gemstone identification. So, whether you’re purchasing a dazzling diamond or a vibrant ruby, understanding gemstone identification is the key to spotting the real deal in today’s jewelry market.

Creator Series Q&A with Jameka of CROWNTHEM

Hey Jameka! Welcome to our Creator Series Q&A – Tell us a bit about your background, your artistic vision and how you got started with the launch of CROWNTHEM.

My name is Jameka, I’m from Okanogan, Washington (Colville Reservation) – a small country town in North Central Washington… about 30 minutes from the Canadian border and 3 hours west of Idaho. I’ve always been a music head from Hip Hop/Rap to Classic Rock to Country to Grunge, RnB, Jazz, Ranchero, etc – but Hip Hop / Rap always tugged on me a bit more.

I created CROWNTHEM ENT. for myself and keeping track with all the albums, videos, etc. of my favorite artists and new ones I was coming across. It was/is a way to organize my personal vault of contemporary Hip Hop / Rap music. My artistic vision for CROWNTHEM ENT. is to highlight and uplift acts that are often overlooked by major/mainstream platforms to the point that those major platforms are looking towards CROWNTHEM ENT. to truly have a pulse on the state of contemporary Hip Hop / Rap. 

CROWNTHEM has always been this idea of highlighting what isn’t being highlighted but is imperative for the goodness and strength of Hip Hop/Rap culture and evolution.

Q: We love the overall authenticity and artistic brilliance of CROWNTHEM and the uniqueness of your platform within the Hip Hop & Rap community. Can you describe the moment or idea that ignited the concept for this visual playlist and archive?

2016, just finished volunteering for AmeriCorps, CityYear – San Jose and had moved to Oakland for graduate school. I was on YouTube watching different cyphers and I came across an all women cypher out of Chicago, Set It Off (The Cypher) featuring Freddie Old Soul, J Bambi, Brittney Carter, Henri Mayhem, Syd Shaw, Bella Bahhs and DJ Lisa Decibel. I watched it over a million times then went and posted it on Facebook saying, “yo these women are so inspiring // crown them!” – and it’s been on since that moment even though I didn’t put any action towards it until 2018 after I graduated from my MFA program. It was a pivotal moment for me in terms of women in Hip Hop really infiltrating on all levels on all cylinders. My mind was constantly trying to think of a way to support all these new emerging artists who had something important or unique to say.

The concept of the visual playlist really was a more recent idea. I always create playlists of all the videos I watch and enjoy (just for my enjoyment or if friends come over and want some music and visuals in the background.) But there were 7 from the first half of this year that stayed on my mind and I wanted to figure out a way to support them beyond just highlighting an LP or EP type thing. I came up with the editorial design and wasn’t sure if I wanted to write about the videos or not. I rewatched the 7 that moved me and the poetry blurbs just flowed out. I pasted the poetry onto the editorial design and that was that. It was really for me – I always want to share my playlists and make them public but I don’t want to share without context, words/brief editorial piece. Many folks are making playlists nowadays, mostly audio, so I wanted to do something a little different that still highlighted a different aspect of artist craft and delivery.

Q: What do you enjoy most about what you do? Where do you draw inspiration from?

Editorial design – the most enjoyable aspect for me is taking all the content, the artist, albums, reviews, interviews and finding a form for them to live in. Form is exciting for me, I like to see how I can switch things up or make things look like the little drawings on my piece of paper (I write everything out by hand before going to my computer – words, design, etc.) I have yet to actually execute a design like I imagined in my mind so that is a large piece of my inspiration to keep trying until I figure out how to create what’s in my mind’s eye.

Old art and aesthetics magazines like ArtNEWS or The Journal of Art and Aesthetics. The Catalyst, you know this idea of using other arts outside of Hip Hop and Rap to inspire the way I address and support the Hip Hop / Rap realm. I work in the archives/periodicals department at an HBCU so I’m coming across A LOT. I also find inspiration from jazz musicians’ album covers of the 60s and 70s. Aesthetically, I love the mid/late 60s and 70s in the art realm. A lot was created that hadn’t been seen before and also the designs they were able to create without the programs we have today – out of this world!

Additionally, who comes to mind is Chedo! from The Come Up Show really was my main inspiration for doing interviews. I loved the rapport he had with artists, even if he just met them. His interviews helped me figure out how I wanted to create my INNERVIEWS and the type of energy I wanted to have within them.

Q: As an entrepreneur, you must wear many hats. How do you maintain your creativity and vision for CROWNTHEM while managing the business side of things?

It’s quite the challenge but a challenge I invite. A lot of the time I just want to create. I have all these different things I’ve drawn out or wrote about that I want to create and make tangible so a lot of my energy is there. But oftentimes my energy is siphoned from the creative side to the business side like, “okay, so marketing and audience identification… let’s look at the CTR from the last few published posts, etc.” I’m trying to find a way to mesh them so it’s not two separate things. It’s a huge learning experience.

Balance is the key. Recently, I learned about human design and how I’m a manifesting generator and a piece of that looks like creating “shortcuts” and extreme multitasking within the process. Some of my best work comes when I’m multitasking and some of my biggest errors come when I’m multitasking. So, as of late I’ve been leaning into that and solidifying different processes that can be almost automated while I can put energy somewhere else and lessen errors.

Q: Curating content for a platform that promotes both contemporary and groundbreaking Hip Hop & Rap must be challenging. How do you decide what makes the cut, and how do you balance emerging voices with established artists & lyricists?

It’s a part of the process that is still being fine-tuned and might be forever as the landscape continues to change. It’s probably the most difficult aspect of everything I do simply because I have to think outside of what moves me and what could possibly move others as well. Of course, I can pick 10-20 albums each month that I found value in whether that’s lyrical ability, lyrical content, production, collaborative efforts, artwork, videos, etc – but, what I’m going to choose is more than likely holding up a positive, elevated and and growth mindset. That’s what’s important to me – that we are supporting the music that has a positive message and delivers the message in words that aren’t always as familiar to us (that allows us to expand and think of our life and begin using different words, phrases and philosophies.)

I just published INNERVIEW 019 with Houston artist OQ and there’s a part in there where he says, I have that unpopular Hip Hop sound –  meaning he’s speakin’ on real things that aren’t clouted out. There’s a positive message, there’s energy there that can uplift and words that can become your everyday mantras to success. 

You know, but on the other hand… There is music that doesn’t necessarily have a “positive” image or energy but it ends up motivating someone anyway. Sometimes, that’s the music that makes you move your body and that’s just as necessary as moving your mind. What I might find motivational and important to present to those that tune-in and those who care about the artform isn’t always what others will find motivational. (And this ain’t a knock on anyone and their taste of music,) I just want people to analyze and be more critical of what they’re supporting and listening to – that shit has an effect. I mean, another recent example is that part in the film They Cloned Tyrone and the scientists are playing all these different kinds of frequencies/music and they’re watching the ways in which it makes people want to fight, love, use substances, etc. It’s all energy and wavelengths.

Are you allowing someone else to tune your station or are you in control of your frequency? I want to make sure I’m highlighting and supporting the music and artists that can help society heal, move forward, imagine and create new possibilities.

Q: What do you believe has been CROWNTHEM’s most significant contribution to the Hip Hop & Rap culture? How do you envision it evolving over the next five years?

So far, CROWNTHEM ENT.’s most significant contribution is lighting a fire under many curators, platforms, writers/journalists within the contemporary Hip Hop / Rap realm. Several times a week people will say, “Hip Hop is dead,” or “There isn’t any good Hip Hop and Rap anymore” – my response is compiling all this Hip Hop / Rap that is supposedly “dead” and sharing it. I think what CROWNTHEM ENT. has done (so far,) is to influence these other curators, platforms, writers/journalists to do better. To dig more deeper and thoroughly. To innovate their processes and performance. Besides that, CROWNTHEM has helped elevate many artists who were getting overlooked. I have only officially interviewed 20 artists in the last couple years and of those 20 artists over half of them have received more notoriety after those INNERVIEWS released. This is only the beginning though – there’s a lot more to come. 

As far as the next five years… CROWNTHEM ENT.  will have artist shows, cyphers, putting everything into print, a solid team of writers, artists, designers, movers ‘n shakers. Getting a storefront in a city I decide to root in. CROWNTHEM compilation albums. Bringing contemporary Hip Hop & Rap into the school districts as curriculum, classes in colleges – there’s an educational piece that needs to be further established. 

Q: Who are your personal heroes or influences within the Hip Hop & Rap world, and how have they shaped your journey with CROWNTHEM? What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to make a mark in the music industry?

Off top, KRS ONE, spiritually, culturally. He put out a book a while back, The Gospel of Hip Hop and at the same time as watching the Set It Off Cypher I was reading that book. It’s like 1000 pages and full of inspiration and Hip Hop History. There was a section where he speaks on how everyone wants to use Hip Hop as a vehicle to get to where they want to go then often abandon it in some regard – but who is doing the maintenance and upkeep of the Hip Hop vehicle (?) I said to myself, “you love Hip Hop, where would you be without it? How can you help maintain, sustain and evolve it?”

Business mind / motivationally it’s definitely Nipsey Hussle. He was laying a blueprint for independent creatives 10-15 years ago that now a lot of creatives are realizing the brilliance behind the P2P model and how we can make it our own.

Not within the Hip Hop / Rap realm, but Octavia Butler, world-builder. Being able to step outside of the society or self imposed paradigms and perceptions to genuinely and authentically create and build and express.

Also, not within the Hip Hop / Rap realm, Paris Review is a huge one – I spend hours just reading through their different interviews with various poets and writers. Their format and getting to the nutrients of a conversation with an artist is something that inspires me. It’s so easy to interview anyone about anything but to take the time to let their work sit with you and create questions that bring out inspiration and ideas.

I’m sure many people think I’m inspired by Source or Vibe or Word Up or whatever Hip Hop / Rap magazines were prevalent but the truth is I didn’t grow up reading those – I didn’t have access unless I traveled 4.5 hours West to Seattle to even have stores that held magazines like that. So, it wasn’t the Hip Hop magazines and platforms that inspired me, I never looked towards them because I’ve always heard better music and artists from what I was able to find myself.

For aspiring entrepreneurs – Stay true to you and your vision(s) – many won’t see it until you’re collaborating or receiving sponsorships from prominent people and brands, BUT what matters is that you don’t allow others’ perceptions of you to dim your light or capabilities. My aunt posted this quote earlier in the week, “if it was their calling or vision then they would’ve received it too.” Do the proper research and work and allow yourself to grow and evolve.

Q: We appreciate you visiting with us on Creator Series! Before you go, tell us your favorite quote or mantra and why.

I actually have it tattooed on my inner arm: “unfamiliar with impossible.” It’s been my mantra since about 7th/8th grade and at first it was how I made it through soccer, basketball and track but as I’ve aged it’s changed meaning every year. Everyday of my life since I arrived here on Earth has been defeating the “impossible,” what had been told to me that I could do and achieve from a small age I have conquered and prevailed. It’s a similar thing today – everyday I prevail against some of the toughest realities and hurdles. I’m unfamiliar with the impossible because what’s familiar is how I make things possible for myself and others.

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Celebrating 10 Years of Inspiration and Success: ARCG Media’s Milestone Anniversary

It’s been an exhilarating and transformative decade for the Co-Founder of ARCG Media celebrating, Rob Aurelius, who has embarked on a journey filled with remarkable achievements, inspiring moments, and a deep-rooted commitment to uplifting others. As the company commemorates its 10th anniversary, we had the privilege of catching up with the visionary behind ARCG Media, who took us through a heartwarming account of their path to success. Based in New York, the digital marketing agency helps sports, media, entertainment, and lifestyle companies build their social and online presence by increasing brand visibility. 

One of the cornerstones of ARCG Media’s success has been its exceptional partnerships with media and sports organizations. One that stands out is the company’s many contributions to SOB: Style of Business The Podcast. Aurelius has been a featured guest on the show several times, sharing valuable entrepreneurial insights and resources. This partnership, among countless others, has contributed to ARCG’s long-term growth. Collaborating with like-minded individuals and organizations has been a critical factor in ARCG’s ability to stay relevant and innovative.

In celebrating of their remarkable journey, ARCG Media organized an exclusive private event on Sunday, June 18th, 2023, at the iconic Wyndham Garden Chinatown in NYC—the same venue where they Celebrating their inaugural event ten years ago. Attended by 55 individuals, including long-standing clients, partners, industry pioneers, and close friends, the symbolic choice of location for the 10th anniversary filled the air with nostalgia and excitement, reminding everyone of how far they had come and the extraordinary memories they had created.

“I still have the chills from celebrating ARCG Media’s tenth-anniversary last month at the same venue where we celebrating our first event, the Wyndham Garden Chinatown in NYC. It has been a fantastic journey being able to do something I love and being able to inspire others along the way,” said Aurelius. “This next chapter of ARCG Media is going to be AMAZING! I am excited for more ventures, opportunities, and conversations to be shared. I want the work that I do moving forward to spread hope and inspire people to change their life for the better.”

During our recent podcast interview with the mastermind behind ARCG, Aurelius elaborated on the company’s inspiring journey, discussing the highs and lows, the challenges and triumphs, and the driving force behind their unwavering passion for their work. The interview offered a glimpse into the ARCG’s inner workings and how it has inspired countless individuals.

Aurelius expressed deep gratitude for the support and dedication of his team, clients, partners, and the community. This unwavering support has propelled ARCG Media to new heights and reinforced its commitment to give back to society through various philanthropic efforts.
One of the most impactful moments of the interview was when Aurelius shared his vision for the future. He expressed an unwavering determination to make the next chapter of ARCG Media even more extraordinary, reaching greater heights of innovation and creativity. The focus will be on fostering more ventures, exploring new opportunities, and facilitating meaningful conversations that inspire positive change in people’s lives.

As ARCG Media Celebrating a decade of excellence, the journey ahead is filled with promise, potential, and boundless opportunities. Their next chapter is destined to be nothing short of AMAZING! With their inspiring vision and the unwavering support of their community, ARCG Media is set to continue transforming lives, and businesses and inspiring positive change for years to come.

For the full podcast interview and more details about ARCG Media’s inspirational journey, visit Epi 170: Celebrating 10 Years of Service in Media, Sports & Entertainment with Rob Aurelius. Here’s to 10 years of inspiration and a future filled with success!

Proven Knowledge Podcast of Music Producer Host – Creator Series Q&A with Anthony Church

Hey Anthony! Welcome to our Creator Series Q&A – Tell us a bit about your background and how you started in music production and Proven Knowledge podcast. 

A: Thanks for having me first! I’m a music producer and podcast host out of the northeast Ohio area. I began producing in the summer of 2016 after starting with my friend and artist named JayTrey and have been active ever since working with a lot of amazing independent artists. In 2020 I started my show The Proven Knowledge Podcast where I interview different musicians and creatives each week. So overall it’s been 7 years of twists and turns but I’m happy with where things are headed after finally feeling like I’ve got some footing and experience to keep going!

Q: How did your journey as a music producer lead you into podcasting with the launch of The Proven Knowledge podcast? And, what inspired you to pursue production and explore the world of podcasting simultaneously?

A: The two really go hand in hand as my show is primarily music-based. I began reaching out to artists I was working with or had connected with on social media to request interviews and had amazing feedback which in turn has also led to me receiving more clients and collaborations as a producer. Both are separate paths that feed off of one another strictly because they both center around music which is something I love so much that it was only right to go full force into. I feel my passion for it has allowed me to do both with more ease and peace of mind knowing I’m fulfilling my true purpose in both areas and getting to meet a lot of cool people along the way!

Q: Who or what inspires your creative process as a music producer and podcaster? 

A: I think what drives me most is the chance to positively affect someone else’s life and give them hope to pursue or keep going with their passion. I feel no matter if I’m in a high or low point on the journey myself I can always look back to that as the catalyst for why I do what I do. It’s really just to give back to the next group of people who want to make a change and spread more good into the world which is all we really can ask for at the end of the day.

Q: Mixing styles from multiple genres is a fascinating approach. Could you walk us through your process of blending these genres to evoke different emotions in each track?

A: I feel it really just comes from an appreciation for different genres and also admiring other producers with versatility. I think you really just aim to make good music that people can feel on an emotional level. That’s the end goal which is more of the focus than the genre itself for me. I just aim to bring that out as much as I can and if I feel good about the end result chances are the artist I’m working with or the listener who’s consuming it will feel the same.

Q: Are there any particular musical instruments or elements you often incorporate into your tracks that contribute to the distinctiveness of your sound?

A: I’ve always been a big fan of the piano so a lot of my work has those more melodic elements. I don’t play but I do my best to whip up simple chord progressions and use samples to stack together in order to create interesting soundscapes. I still aim to keep it simple enough for artists to write to but also intriguing enough for people to feel by itself as an instrumental.

Q:  The Proven Knowledge podcast covers a wide range of genres & artists. Do you have a favorite genre or subject matter that particularly excites you when planning for those episodes?

A: For me I get most excited by the individuals themselves no matter what their background is. I love being able to talk with like-minded people and hear about their stories so as long as we both share the common love for music and helping others then it’s always a great and inspiring experience!

Q: We appreciate you visiting with us on the Creator Series! Before you go, tell us your favorite quote or mantra and why.

A: Every day I just try and aim to enjoy it as much as possible and live in the moment as well so I feel that’s something that could benefit anyone regardless of your goals or career path. Once again, I appreciate you for having me!

Step into the world of music production with the Proven Knowledge Podcast’s latest episode featuring the talented host and creator, Anthony Church. In this illuminating series of Q&A sessions, Anthony shares his insights, experiences, and expertise as a music Proven Knowledge Podcast. Join the conversation as he delves into the intricacies of the creative process, offering valuable tips and tricks for aspiring producers. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your musical journey, the Proven Knowledge Podcast provides a unique opportunity to gain insights from one of the industry’s brightest minds. Don’t miss this engaging episode that combines the best of knowledge sharing and music exploration.

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Creator Series Q&A with JáSki Watkins – Contemporary Abstract Artist & Designer

Hi JáSki! Welcome to our Creator Series Q&A – Tell us a bit about your background, creative mission, and why Art & freedom of expression are priorities for you.

A: As a child, I created these Abstract pieces that resembled the stained-glass windows in churches. I’ve always had a love for colors and beautiful spaces. 

I started at the Art Institute of Washington as an Interior Design student. After being offered a low-paying interior design internship, I decided to look at other options to generate income. It was important for people to be surrounded by beautiful things in beautiful spaces, so I wanted to inspire colorful and vibrant spaces for people to live and work. My professors loved my Abstract artworks and thought they were unique enough to be viewed publicly. I decided to take it further and explore providing original art pieces and paintings to influence and complement design and decor. I knew I wasn’t going to be an Interior Designer – I didn’t want to anymore – but maybe I could provide items and inspiration to the world’s designers.

The more Abstract Artwork I created, the more I realized that the creative process was transforming me and my thoughts. I had to think beneath the surface when viewing my paintings. I had to ask myself, what did I see? How did I feel about it? It made me better, and I identified a pretty complex person within. Art has been a catalyst for me to explore my thoughts. Art, in all of its forms, should be something that causes everyone to take a look within. It doesn’t matter if you are the creator or just observing and enjoying. It’s something that happens automatically. I wanted to invite people to take a moment away from all the world’s distractions. Those distractions drown out the little voice inside of us. To connect with their inner selves, to hear what that voice was saying. 

I started having Art exhibitions in some of the local galleries and got an idea while walking past a rug store in downtown DC that I could turn my Art into rugs. I wanted to see how my Art would look on the floor. Couldn’t the floor be Art? I created the AmberRugs, and they sold out! That was my 1st successful Entrepreneurial debut. It came with errors, lessons learned, and a hefty price tag. But the clients that own these rugs are beyond happy with the product. I like to say that they are the best Abstract designer rugs! 

Q: How does creativity play into your goals as an artist and what do you enjoy most about creating new artwork?

Creativity is everything. It’s a spirit that requires boldness to follow, and the nature of creativity has genuinely been a blessing in my life. As I navigated Art school, my confidence increased with each piece of artwork I completed. Some liked it, and some did not. I listened to those who “got it” and developed a style encompassing the best aspects of my work that they reacted positively to. Those were my people. 

With creating new artwork, I find it best to create when I feel inspired strictly. I don’t want to be paid to paint a particular thing or way. I want to create what I feel inspired to see. I can’t rush or force creativity because it’s a slow journey unfolding before me. I never have an idea of what I will paint next. I truly enjoy and thrive on freely creating things, especially CRAZY-looking things people like and relate to. I love to hear what people see in my Art. The viewers often give me different definitions that they believe apply to my Art, and I love hearing the feedback. It gives meaning to my thoughts and creations. 

Q: Tell us about your latest collection! Abstract Eye Art Collection

A: The Abstract Eye Collection is a series of 40 original works dedicated to examining the human eye at a microscopic level. I always felt that creating a cohesive body of similar but not the same artworks was important. The thought of examining a human eye and how different each eye would be fascinated me. It’s the attention drawn to the various colors, lines, and shapes that could make up the windows of the soul.

It’s one of those things I imagine I would see under a microscope. Then there’s a spiritual element in it relating to eyes. Things in space look like eyes to me. It’s an open-ended concept. 

Because no two eyes are the same – not even your own, each artwork is uniquely different. The color contrast is fun to follow in every piece, and when shown together in a pair or more, their uniformity – amid each singular expression – can be awe-inspiring. 

Q: What’s your go to exercise or an inspiration tool that you use to stay motivated on the days you don’t feel inspired?

A: A good love life, high kicks, good music. Being constantly surrounded by Art keeps me inspired. I also read and listen to inspirational and educational things daily.  

Q: As a creative, I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of challenges – how did you overcome any obstacles that have gotten in the way?

A: Every day can be a challenge sometimes, right? I remember dealing with little to no money early in my art career – the normal struggling artist! My car broke down once, and I had to travel to Eastern Market in DC on the train with my Art. My young daughter and I trekked on the train with my canvasses, hoping to get lucky enough to sell a piece of Art to get us through. A few times, I remember leaving the Go-Go in DC late at night and going straight to Eastern Market to sleep in my car for a few hours to get the best spot for my Art to be seen by the most people. The earlier you got to Eastern Market as a vendor, the better your spot. We would start lining up at 5 am. That grind shaped my career and allowed some prestigious eyes to view my Abstract Artwork.

A certain grit is required to keep going and creating, whether you sell your work or not. I’ve stood outside with Art under a tent in the hot summer and even in the cold of winter. I believed in it that much. You must show up for yourself and your Art every chance you get. I’ve embarked on creating things with no idea of how I would fund the project, but with boldness and determination, everything is possible. You have to keep going.

Q: We appreciate you visiting with us on Creator Series! Before you go, tell us your favorite quote or mantra and why.

A: A quote I developed very early in my Art career is, “My Art is as Abstract as life is…”.  Different things can look very different when you look at them from varying distances and perspectives. An onion looks one way in the store, another way when you cut it, and yet another way if you were to put a sliver of that onion under a microscope. It’s best not to judge anything that you see until you can examine the different aspects of it. 

Connect with Jaski Watkins

Website:  www.jafeldesign.com

Online store: https://jafel-design-llc.square.site/

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Creator Series Q&A with Christopher X. Ryan – Author of Heliophobia: A Novel

Hi Chris! Welcome to our Creator Series. Tell us about yourself and how you got started as a writer.

A: Everything began in seventh grade. I was actually in remedial English with a small group of students working under a patient and encouraging teacher named Sheila Muldaur. She also happened to be reading a book by a local author: The Conduct of the Game by John Hough Jr. The book was about baseball but from the perspective of an umpire, and it was the first real book I read that engaged me and opened me up to the possibilities of narrative and worldbuilding. We all took turns reading it, and then we met the author in person. Later I would go to his house with my godfather, and John gave me copies of all his books. I was enamored with the writer mentality, lifestyle, solitude, etc.

In that same class we were assigned to write a story, and I wrote about a socially ostracized boy who befriends a buck in the nearby forests (aptly titled The Buck). It ended in tragedy, but the necessary change arc for the protagonist was there, it was a successful story. My teacher had me sit on a stool and read it aloud to the entire class – meaning the kids in the non-remedial English class. They applauded, and right then and there I knew there I’d found my calling.

Q: When did you know you wanted to pursue your career as a writer? 

A: When I published my first poems in a literary magazine around age 16 or 17 and saw that there was a larger audience. But I was also aware that few succeed in a career as a writer on the writing alone and that I would need a diverse skill set, which includes but is not limited to: editing, ghostwriting, coaching, content writing, marketing & branding, and other tangential skills like design and conceptualization. So while I make very little money off my own writing, I make a living working in the industry, mainly through editing and ghostwriting. 

Q: Let’s talk about Heliophobia! What inspired your debut novel and the creation of its main character, Murray Sandman?

A: I now live in Finland, where the sun is either omnipresent or in hibernation, depending on the season. Over time I’ve developed a weird relationship with the sun and have used it to displace my own issues, so I figured there was something comical and off-kilter to explore there. The book really just stemmed from the first page or so, which was a writing experiment, and people responded to it, so I kept working on the premise over the years. It evolved into a more darkly comic story in the latter versions, and I wanted to write something sadly funny and entertaining and not necessarily profound. There’s simply not enough humorous literary fiction out there! Life is dark and hard and literature capitalizes on that. So I sought to add some humor to the mix. 

Q: Your stories have been published in numerous multiple literary journals and publications. Are these all fictional works – do you prefer writing fiction over non-fiction?

A: Yes, fiction is my go-to genre, though I’ve written and published some essays and articles. Fiction allows us to bend reality and compress spans of time into paragraphs or expand moments into great swaths of writing, and in fiction we’re able to layer themes more easily and get into deeper truths. In nonfiction, truths arise from realizations while reflecting on past actions. I guess I just have a vivid imagination, and I get a lot of my ideas from both my dreams and the bizarre situations I experience and marginal characters I encounter.

CreatorSeries Christopher Ryan pic1
Q: As an author with a small press, what are some of the obstacles or challenges you’ve had to overcome? What are some of the biggest changes you’ve noticed in the publishing industry within the last five years?

A: The industry is in flux, but it’s been in flux for decades. Now people are reading on their phones and reading less and less overall and yet the book remains a foundational element of culture. So we’re in a weird moment. I think the book is due for a bit of a renaissance or a rethinking. Personally, I’d like to see more art and music incorporated into the reading experience, but past attempts to technologize the book have failed.

Small presses are both a blessing and a challenge. They are the backbone of the industry, but they’re labors of love. They offer less marketing support, so authors are left to do a lot of the legwork themselves. That’s kind of unfair. We’re not experts in it, and we may quickly tap out our social circles. Authors who are on the latest and most popular social media channels tend to market themselves really well, but how do they have time for writing? Social media takes so much work. And sales shouldn’t rely on social media… but the sad truth is that it does. 

Q: In addition to the recent release of Heliophobia, are there any other creative projects in the works?

A: Yes, I’m well into my next project, which is radically different in subject matter, tone, and scope. I’m working well outside my comfort zone, which is how we should always operate. I also always have short fiction projects going on, so there’s never any downtime, for better or worse. I have a couple other novels in the drawer too; one publishing deal fell through during the pandemic, and I gave up on another because the contract was sketchy. I also recently won a small contest and earned a Pushcart Nomination, which I’m proud of. 

Q: We appreciate you visiting with us on Creator Series! Before you go, tell us your favorite quote or mantra and why.

A: I am guided by three quotes in my work; I’ll paraphrase the first two. 

Director Michel Gondry said that for an idea to be really good, it has to border on being really stupid. I truly agree. 

The second comes from Zadie Smith, who says that writers should look at their work from the viewpoint of a critic or, more harshly, our worst enemy. 

The third is from Emil Cioran, who says: “Write books only if you are going to say in them the things you would never dare confide to anyone.”

Q: Is there anything you learned from the experience of publishing your first novel that you’d like to share?

A: I learned that the corniest of cliches is true: you have to believe in yourself—because no one else will. That’s the cynical, heartbreaking side of the cliche. Only your closest friends and family will believe in you, but even that has its limits. Against all odds, you have to stick to your vision and risk embarrassment and failure, because the world wants you to fail. The creative marketplace is cluttered with projects large and small, and it doesn’t want you to join it. 

That’s also why we have to come out in force to support other creators. Buy that record your friend put out, even if it’s not your genre. Buy their book, even if you don’t like to read or if it doesn’t suit your tastes. If you can’t afford to buy it, promote it. Promotion costs you nothing. Just support them in some way, even if only a gesture. It will mean a lot to the creator, and it will eventually come around when you launch your own work. 

Thanks for having me and for supporting writers and creators, Keetria!

Connect with Christopher X. Ryan

Website: www.christopherxryan.com

Social/Product links:  Amazon  Bookshop


Keetria is an entrepreneur, wellness advocate, and brand strategy coach for creatives & entrepreneurs with 16 years of public relations expertise working with some of the world’s leading brands, startups, media personalities, and entertainers. If you want to work together, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Creator Series Q&A with Tudor Dumitrescu – Founder of TANDA Digital

Welcome Tudor! Tell us about your background and how you got started in entrepreneurship.

I got my start as a direct response copywriter in the finance industry pretty much around the same time I started college. All I knew was that I didn’t want to be employed, and wanted to be able to do my own thing. I ended up in copywriting because I was talented at writing, and some quick research showed me that copywriting may be a great way to make money with a writing-based skill.

At one point one of my active clients didn’t have any spare designers or developers to work on a funnel that I wrote the copy for, so they asked me to take over. I told them I don’t do that, and they insisted that I find someone to do the work. That was the birth of my agency, which I grew to the point that I was actively managing 18 people.

The experience of building a direct response agency gave me a ton of knowledge about leadership, marketing, sales and scaling an agency. I also learned that I prefer to manage smaller teams, and continuing to grow with the agency model would mean an ever-expanding team. It wasn’t what I wanted, so that’s why I shifted into coaching & training other agency owners who were interested to build bigger teams and go farther than I have.

Today TANDA Digital’s mission is to help 25,000 agency owners build the agencies of the future and scale to $50K+/mo while putting in the right business systems so they don’t have to trade their time for money.

How does creativity play into your goals as an entrepreneur and someone who trains others on how to build their businesses?

It’s very important – that’s sort of the key to it all. There are no ready-made answers, and you have to be creative to figure it out. My clients own agencies operating in different markets & verticals, and it’s always a challenge to find the best combination of strategies for their niche. I get paid for my ability to deliver results to people, and creativity is at the center of that.

What do you enjoy most about being an entrepreneur? What’s been the most challenging aspect of being an entrepreneur?

What I enjoy most is the freedom. Especially the freedom of choosing who I work with. If I don’t particularly like or enjoy working with an agency owner, then I can turn them away and explain to them I’m not right for them. There are no consequences for that. By comparison, if you work a job, you can’t choose your work colleagues, your boss, and your clients. You have to do what you have to do, when someone else wants you to.

The second thing I enjoy most is being able to run my business with a small team. We’re just 5 people. You can’t really do this with the agency model, where you need to add more people at some point to keep on growing.

The most challenging aspect, I would say, is figuring out how to allocate your time. There are a lot of priorities in a business and a lot of things you could be doing. Having clarity about where you’ll get the highest return on the time you invest – I’d say that’s by far the biggest challenge. We go over this in our Agency Ascendancy Program™ but money is the only really limited resource that we have. Ultimately all economics is, is the science of time allocation. Money itself is a form of time. If you have money, you can use it to get access to other people’s time. That’s all it is. People love to fetishize money, but ultimately the real source of money is return on your time invested. We all have the same amount of time – yourself, I and Bill Gates. But Bill Gates has more money because he has obtained significantly larger returns on the time he has invested in his projects than others.

How do you stay motivated and focused when it comes to business goals?

I think focus & drive come from inner clarity – when you know what you truly want and you have clarity on your purpose and your why, then staying motivated and focused just happens. This isn’t to say that you never have moments or even days when you’re not motivated. But rather that sooner or later your motivation comes back. Even in the face of setbacks, if you know what your purpose is, you’ll keep on going. This is exactly the reason why part of our process of working with agency owners involves helping them to get clarity on where they want to take their business and what’s truly meaningful for them as people. Doing that in the early stages of our Agency Ascendancy Program™ gives them a huge boost of motivation and focus and enables them to hit the ambitious targets we set together.

As an entrepreneur, I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of challenges to overcome – how do you manage obstacles?

It’s the same way I teach my students. I call it the 5-Step Management Process. It starts with getting clarity on your intended outcome or goal. So that’s the first step. Then the second step is figuring out the problem – what’s stopping you from achieving your goal? Why aren’t you there yet? Once you’ve figured out the problem we go to step 3 – diagnosing the problem. Now the focus is on what’s causing the problem and maintaining it into existence? Once the root cause is identified, then we can begin to form a plan to sidestep or overcome it. And then the final step is just executing the plan, and seeing if the goal is achieved or not. If it isn’t then somewhere along our 5-step process we went wrong and missed something or drew a wrong conclusion. So we would iterate again.

To give a concrete example. Very often I’ll get on the phone with agency owners and they’ll say something like “We’re just not getting enough leads”. So clearly they have a target – how many leads per month they’d like to get. So I ask them questions until that becomes clear: “we’d love to get 30 appointments every month”. Then I ask them what the problem is. The first thing they’ll say is “We tried cold calling (or cold email, LinkedIn, posting content, could be anything) and we’re not getting enough leads! We were thinking to try TikTok ads instead”. So when this happens I know that they are misidentifying the cause of the problem with the problem itself. The problem is they’re not getting leads through cold calling. But the cause of that problem could be very different from the method of lead generation itself – and in fact it most often is. Very often cold calling could work great – but they’re doing it wrong, or they have issues with the niche they’re going after, or the credibility they portray, or their positioning, or even their pricing. Sometimes agency owners just don’t have high enough prices to allow them to hire others and grow the business! So that’s where I come in most strongly, in steps 3 and 4. I help them diagnose the real cause of their problem, and then design a plan to fix it that they can then execute on.

I manage personal obstacles in the same manner. I get clarity on my goal, understand what the obstacle is, and then search for the root cause of that obstacle. Then I design a plan, and implement it to remove the obstacle. If it doesn’t work, then either I made an incorrect assumption at some point of my analysis, or new information came to light that reveals that the real root cause isn’t what I thought it was. And then it’s back to designing a plan to remove the real root cause and implementing it.

We appreciate you visiting with us on Creator Series! Before you go, tell us your favorite quote or mantra and why.

“Your agency is a mirror image of who you are”. I came up with it because I noticed that quite often agency owners would have problems that would persist because of their own mindset and belief systems.

For example:

You’ll never grow bigger than you think you can.
You’ll never win clients you think are too big for you.
You’ll never have clients pay you $10,000 for a contract if you think $10,000 is a gigantic sum of money
You’ll never have hardworking employees if you’re lazy
You’ll never have people trust you if you don’t trust people
You’ll never have people be honest with you if you’re not honest

Therefore change starts with yourself. And when we work with agency owners that’s where we start in our Agency Ascendancy Program™ – with the correct mindset for building & scaling their organisation. Joining Agency Ascendancy itself involves a financial commitment, and the people who make that commitment the fastest are typically the ones who get the best results, because they have the right mindset. They understand money isn’t scarce, they know how valuable their time is, and they’re willing to do what it takes to make their dreams happen. From there we can expand into other areas including working on their offers, pricing structure, the niche they serve, their positioning, sales, marketing, hiring others and so on.

But it all starts with the person and their mindset.

Connect with Tudor & TANDA Digital

Website: https://tanda.digital

Social/App links: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tudorfd


Keetria is an entrepreneur, wellness advocate, and brand strategy coach for creatives & entrepreneurs with 16 years of public relations expertise working with some of the world’s leading brands, startups, media personalities, and entertainers. If you want to work together, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Creator Series Q&A Songwriter/Recording Artist PhanxxSungChild

Today we’re happy to welcome Creator Series Q&A Songwriter & Recording artist PhanxxSungChild! Tell us a little about yourself!

About my background; Akintomide John Opeoluwa is my government name, but I will introduce myself as, PhanxxSungChild, a Songwriter extraordinary, recording artist based in Lagos, Nigeria.

My major musical influences are Akon, Tuface, DBanj, Asa, and Mary J Blige. All the names stated are my major influence as a songwriter and recording artist.

I decided to start making music as a professional about a decade ago after I won A Musical audition at “SELL YOURSELF’ on the Lagos Mainland, after I freestyled for about 3 minutes nonstop with the crowd yelling and I was being sprayed and showered with lots of money and appraisals, appraisals by the other contestant and judges on the audition ground, that was the major influence that made me realize I was chosen for this path.

What do you enjoy most about the creative process and being in the studio?

The on-the-go creative process, the discovery while creating even though sometimes I use to have a little knowledge of what I’m about to create in every creative/recording session, the spontaneity between me and the creatives I work with. That’s the best feeling for me.

As a songwriter and recording artist – what makes you unique?

My songs are expressions of me, my affirmations, my fantasies, my dreams, and people’s stories, my records are experience of its own, it evokes emotions, and it’s soul-lifting most times. I make music for the “HOPEFUL”, that is my theme, and that’s what makes me unique.

Sunset (Cantata 2) – Available on Apple, Spotify, & Audiomack

Let’s talk about your latest album/EP – What makes this project special and different from other music you have created?

Sunset (Cantata 2) is an album that represents a forward divine shift and the beginning of a new dream & beginning of great things and positively life-changing events.

How do you stay inspired and motivated – what keeps you going when it gets tough?

I stay prayed up, I affirm all my good wishes for myself, I try to work smarter, I stay consistent even when I don’t feel like showing up, and my little wins keep me motivated, knowing the big goals would be crushed in the nearest future. I love seeing people win in life, it keeps me motivated.

What’s your favorite quote and why?

“NO GUTS NO GLORY” is my favorite quote, the reason why I chose this is because, ever since I started following my guts on a positive wave/energy, I start actualizing my wildest dreams, it’s like a magic wand. “NO GUTS NO GLORY.”

Connect with PhanxxSungChild


23-year-old Entrepreneur Launches Holistic based Business Focused on Healing and Recovery

When Victor Melgar set out on his entrepreneurial journey his ambition to create a meaningful product led him down a path he didn’t expect. A health and fitness enthusiast, Melgar heard about the positive effects of CBD and began researching the industry to find solutions for post-workout inflammation.

In 2019, he started creating his own CBD-infused protein bites to reduce muscle inflammation and soreness and has never looked back. This was the beginning of Nala Health & Recovery.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Victor on my podcast where he talked about the inspiration behind launching Nala Health & Recovery, a phytoceutical company that offers CBD-based wellness solutions to aid in holistic wellness. Listen to interview here Epi 158: Helping Others Heal with Nala Health & Recovery Founder Victor Melgar

victor melgar nala ceo

The 23-year-old Bakersfield, California native launched Nala at the height of the COVID pandemic in 2020 after a year of researching and testing products for safety and effectiveness. Nala prides itself on being CBD and cannabinoid therapy-centric focused with specializations in performance, health, and recovery.

One thing that makes Nala special is its careful attention to detail and the dedication to producing quality products its clients can depend on. Melgar, a Healer Certified with CBD, CBG & CBN is also using his voice to educate others about the effectiveness of cannabis and how it works to heal the body.

In light of Hispanic Heritage Month and the recognition of Hispanic entrepreneurs making a difference, Melgar is highly passionate about healing and recovery and using his knowledge to impact the world of Holistic Medicine and Remedies.

In a recent article on Fight Colorectal Cancer, Melgar discussed CBD for General Use and answered commonly asked questions about cannabidiol.

Over the summer, Nala introduced its new line of phytoceuticals which are lab tested and specially formulated for specific symptoms. The line consists of Inflammation Relief, a formula that includes echinacea, cannabidiol, cannabigerol, cannabinol, and a variety of pain-relieving terpenes that target inflammation and the Anxiety Relief Formula which is crafted with cannabidiol, d-limonene, and chamomile to naturally target anxiety symptoms. Nala plans to introduce Insomnia Relief soon.

These blends also have a unique taste from the cinnamon apple & pecan flavor of the inflammation formula to the lemon cream-infused anxiety blend, each product has its own essence. Nala also offers pain-relieving topical cream and a soothing cannabinoid steam therapy aimed at relieving respiratory inflammation.

Many of Nala’s customers have found relief in using the brand’s line of products regularly. From a restful night of sleep to anxiety management, Nala’s line of products has proven to be very effective. Nala also offers a Health Assessment on its website to learn about its client’s symptoms to properly suggest the right therapy plan.

It’s been Melgar’s mission to create a line of therapeutic products that promote natural and holistic wellness that targets specific issues many people experience daily. As the world adjusts to the long-lasting effects of the pandemic, Nala understands the need for natural, plant-based options that focus on healing and recovery for the mind, body, and spirit.

Nala currently offering a 10% discount to the listeners of SOB: Style of Business The Podcast with the promo code: STYLE10. To order your products today, visit their online store http://nalahealth.com.

Keetria is an entrepreneur, wellness advocate, and brand strategy coach for creatives & entrepreneurs with 16 years of public relations expertise working with some of the world’s leading brands, startups, media personalities, and entertainers. If you would like to work together, don’t hesitate to reach out!