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The Importance of Mind, Body & Spirit: An Interview with Coach Angela Lee

In our latest interview, Metamorphosis life & business Coach Angela Lee joins us to discuss the importance of renewing our mind, body, and spirit through self-care and self-love. Be sure to check out the interview below!

Q: Let’s start with your background! Share with us the work that you do as a healthcare professional and what led you to this career path.  

I grew up in the “home and deathbed of the Confederacy” in a poverty-stricken Trailer Park in Abbeville, South Carolina, where no support is offered for a black girl to aspire to be anything. I faced every hardship and setback that you can think of: Molestation, absentee father, teenage pregnancy, domestic violence, toxic relationships, failed marriage, poverty, suicidal ideation, and being held at gunpoint by the police. So needless to say the odds were against me. I was contemplating returning to college after quitting two times prior, but I didn’t know what I should major in since I would be the first in my family to attend college. I was urged to become a nurse from a nonblack co-worker who was a nurse at the time while I was working as an insurance co-payment clerk. Yes, a poor black girl with no foreseeable future can create her own path to be success with the right guidance.

Q: You’re also a life & business coach! Tell us about The Metamorphosis Life Coach and the types of programs you offer.

I was eating out one day on a patio, reflecting on my life to that point, and I noticed a caterpillar crawling on a plant, and then a bright butterfly landing on the same plant. I felt that was the revelation from God telling me you must be transformed into something and not stay STUCK! I realized even though I wasn’t where I wanted to be in my life, I couldn’t allow my hardships and setbacks to stop me from moving forward. So, I titled my business Metamorphosis to reflect that transformation.

I am an Experienced Life Coach who has overcome several traumatic experiences, and I help my clients who have also had traumatic experiences, do the same.

 I offer five types of programs, all of which start with a free 15 minutes consultation.  After that I determine which program will best help my client achieve the result they’re looking for. I also assist people that are currently in a “bad place,” that feel hopeless and at a dead-end with life due to the devastation of a lost job, ended relationship/marriage, or just want to explore other avenues in life.  Frequently my clients have a “popcorn brain” (as my mother-in-law refers to me) but are fearful are about how to create the blueprint to succeed to transform their dream into reality. That’s my job as a coach to help you focus to gain clarity to develop a plan that will help you execute today to achieve your desired outcome.

Q: Speaking of career and business, tell us about your guides “Business Etiquette & Success” and “Metamorphosis Coaching Curriculum” – who do they work well for?  

These programs work well for individuals who are ready to excel with high performance in their personal life and/or business. 

The Metamorphosis “Life” Curriculum addresses your current life framework to help you become more confident, build your faith, and teach you to examine want you really want out of life and what’s hindering you from getting it.

The Metamorphosis “Business Etiquette & Success” Curriculum is to enhance your business by evaluating the framework of your business model to help you dominate your area of expertise territory. This curriculum is a must have if you are a startup or expanding your business that requires help with professional business etiquette that includes proper dress for success attire and social media written communication.

Q: Within your programs, you focus on self-care & self-love through your acronyms A.S.K, – What does A.S.K. stand for and why are these areas of importance to you? 

The acronym A.S.K. stands for A-acknowledgment, S-seek resources to help create an action plan, K-kicking those bad habits to replace them with healthy new ones.

Based on my research from my case studies along with my own experiences, the results revealed we care more about pleasing others while neglecting ourselves.  When I reflect over some of my “sunken place” moments it was due to the rejection of a person I trusted and admired. I started a sabbatical in November 2015, I overdosed on personal development books, and I took charge of my life after a failed relationship. I held myself accountable to not retaliate by impulsively jumping into a new relationship off my emotions but evaluating my hopes, dreams, and desires to live life on my OWN terms. I had an extraordinary 2016 which was the result of me embracing self-love while applying self -care.

Q: Recently, you mentioned noticing many of your patients were suffering in silence – can you tell us about some of the issues you were seeing and why you felt compelled to serve as a resource?  

Suffering in silence is my definition of depression, isolation from family or friends, mental breakdown or those negative -self-talk sessions between yourself after a traumatic experience or setback.

Here’s a Patient Example:  a 22 year-old with markings on her arm from a failed suicidal attempt because she was being bullied; a 65 year-old woman who is newly divorced after 50 years of marriage and has no desire to live because she can’t cope with the loneliness; and the 45 year-old old man that lost his job and now feels unworthy to be a provider for his family.  These patients wanted their hope restored and resources to help them to move forward in their life.

It’s devasting as you build your life based on someone else and when they don’t live up to your expectations you immediately think, “What’s wrong with me?”  I also offer my personal experiences such as having suicidal ideation, giving my son up to his maternal grandmother as I got my life together, and looking for love in all the wrong places because I desired to be loved so I settled in toxic nonproductive relationships. 

I am the billboard for the twisted side of things after my negative perception of myself.  I encourage people by giving them a handwritten note with affirmations to recite. Most people work off visual representation so once I exposed my “dark valley” moments, they stop crying, smile, and hug me for being transparent.

Q: Why do you think some people have a hard time putting themselves first and making their self-care a priority?

People have a hard time making themselves a priority because it wasn’t implemented in their childhood, so they fail to incorporate it now mostly due to the lack of time. Many people see self-care as a reward after a completed task and due to this negative thinking, it effects both our mental and physical health.

Q: What do you enjoy most about helping others transform their lives? I get elated when they have achieved their goals & the feedback from others.

I am the bridge to get my clients from where they are to transform their mindset to attract better than they ever thought they could be. I rejoice when my clients push past their fears and accomplish so much more then they anticipated.

Q: What’s your favorite self-care ritual?!

P.M. R. R. > Pray, Meditation, Rest to rejuvenate or journaling & Recite daily affirmation

Q; How has your career background as a nurse contributed to your business success as a life coach?

My nursing profession duties help me express the urgency to live your life to the fullest by executing your plan now. I have witnessed the birth of a heartbeat then watched as the heart monitor goes from a wave pattern to a flatline. Because of this I use it in my coaching practice to offer alternatives to those that feel early death is the answer because they feel emotionally unstable and unable to cope with life’s challenges.  I reference the quote by Les Brown: “The richest place in the world is the graveyard because many people died with their dreams unfulfilled.”

Q: What advice can you share with those who are looking to practice self-care but don’t know where to start?

First remove money as an excuse then A.S.K. yourself: Am I happy with where I am right now?  What is standing in my way? How can I get there? Now reflect over areas of your life that you don’t feel 100%.

Mentally -Do you experience mental overload or have a scatterbrain with emotions or ideas? Are you constantly angry for no reason? Physically – Are you overweight due to poor eating habits with related health issues? Are you surviving off medications to get up, to function through the day & go to sleep?

I don’t want the excuse of a lack of money on the table for an answer because it doesn’t take money, it takes clarity, that’s why you need a coach to help you assess your daily or yearly activity.

 Complete an assessment form here: www.coachangielee.com