Keetria is an accomplished entrepreneur and marketing expert with over 16 years of experience in public relations and project management. As the former Managing Director of the AMW Group, she has honed her expertise working with renowned brands, media figures, and entertainers. Keetria is the Founder of Hypursuit, Inc., the driving force behind Style of Business (SOB) Consulting & PR Advisory, and hosts the engaging Style of Business (SOB) podcast.

With a diverse skill set that spans branding, publicity, and small business advocacy, Keetria has propelled numerous ventures to unparalleled success. Her strategic insights have led to substantial exposure, consumer engagement, and impactful media placements across renowned outlets. Her impressive track record includes securing coverage in prominent publications such as the New York Times, HuffPo, GQ, LA Times, Today’s Show, Houston Chronicle, LA Weekly, Chicagoist, SUCCESS, Billboard, ELLE, Essence, and countless others.

Keetria’s wealth of experience extends from managing marketing campaigns for artists and labels to providing astute brand marketing counsel for lifestyle & luxury brands. Her expertise has been highlighted in authority sites such as Luxury Daily, Forbes, Digital Music News, Billboard, Entrepreneur, and  Time Doctor. Her insights and strategies have been featured prominently, affirming her standing as a respected figure in the fields of marketing, entrepreneurship, and brand development. Transitioning her insights to benefit entrepreneurs and small businesses, she established Style of Business LLC, empowering individuals to thrive through strategic planning and effective brand marketing.

Her commitment to fostering entrepreneurship led to the creation of HyPursuit, Inc., an online media platform celebrating personal inspiration and innovation in arts, lifestyle, and culture. Keetria, a graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington, has authored various ebooks centered on online marketing and branding.

At the heart of her endeavors lies, CIAM – “Courage Is A Muscle,” a testament to her unwavering dedication to personal growth and entrepreneurial spirit. Keetria shares invaluable lessons through her book and encourages readers to embrace passion, resilience, and forward momentum. CIAM takes the reader on a journey through her impactful story, and motivational insights, which continue to resonate with those seeking inspiration to pursue their dreams.

Keetria’s multifaceted contributions through her podcast, consulting ventures, and media platforms reflect her commitment to empowering others and championing the entrepreneurial journey.