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Proven Knowledge Podcast of Music Producer Host – Creator Series Q&A with Anthony Church

Hey Anthony! Welcome to our Creator Series Q&A – Tell us a bit about your background and how you started in music production and Proven Knowledge podcast. 

A: Thanks for having me first! I’m a music producer and podcast host out of the northeast Ohio area. I began producing in the summer of 2016 after starting with my friend and artist named JayTrey and have been active ever since working with a lot of amazing independent artists. In 2020 I started my show The Proven Knowledge Podcast where I interview different musicians and creatives each week. So overall it’s been 7 years of twists and turns but I’m happy with where things are headed after finally feeling like I’ve got some footing and experience to keep going!

Q: How did your journey as a music producer lead you into podcasting with the launch of The Proven Knowledge podcast? And, what inspired you to pursue production and explore the world of podcasting simultaneously?

A: The two really go hand in hand as my show is primarily music-based. I began reaching out to artists I was working with or had connected with on social media to request interviews and had amazing feedback which in turn has also led to me receiving more clients and collaborations as a producer. Both are separate paths that feed off of one another strictly because they both center around music which is something I love so much that it was only right to go full force into. I feel my passion for it has allowed me to do both with more ease and peace of mind knowing I’m fulfilling my true purpose in both areas and getting to meet a lot of cool people along the way!

Q: Who or what inspires your creative process as a music producer and podcaster? 

A: I think what drives me most is the chance to positively affect someone else’s life and give them hope to pursue or keep going with their passion. I feel no matter if I’m in a high or low point on the journey myself I can always look back to that as the catalyst for why I do what I do. It’s really just to give back to the next group of people who want to make a change and spread more good into the world which is all we really can ask for at the end of the day.

Q: Mixing styles from multiple genres is a fascinating approach. Could you walk us through your process of blending these genres to evoke different emotions in each track?

A: I feel it really just comes from an appreciation for different genres and also admiring other producers with versatility. I think you really just aim to make good music that people can feel on an emotional level. That’s the end goal which is more of the focus than the genre itself for me. I just aim to bring that out as much as I can and if I feel good about the end result chances are the artist I’m working with or the listener who’s consuming it will feel the same.

Q: Are there any particular musical instruments or elements you often incorporate into your tracks that contribute to the distinctiveness of your sound?

A: I’ve always been a big fan of the piano so a lot of my work has those more melodic elements. I don’t play but I do my best to whip up simple chord progressions and use samples to stack together in order to create interesting soundscapes. I still aim to keep it simple enough for artists to write to but also intriguing enough for people to feel by itself as an instrumental.

Q:  The Proven Knowledge podcast covers a wide range of genres & artists. Do you have a favorite genre or subject matter that particularly excites you when planning for those episodes?

A: For me I get most excited by the individuals themselves no matter what their background is. I love being able to talk with like-minded people and hear about their stories so as long as we both share the common love for music and helping others then it’s always a great and inspiring experience!

Q: We appreciate you visiting with us on the Creator Series! Before you go, tell us your favorite quote or mantra and why.

A: Every day I just try and aim to enjoy it as much as possible and live in the moment as well so I feel that’s something that could benefit anyone regardless of your goals or career path. Once again, I appreciate you for having me!

Step into the world of music production with the Proven Knowledge Podcast’s latest episode featuring the talented host and creator, Anthony Church. In this illuminating series of Q&A sessions, Anthony shares his insights, experiences, and expertise as a music Proven Knowledge Podcast. Join the conversation as he delves into the intricacies of the creative process, offering valuable tips and tricks for aspiring producers. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your musical journey, the Proven Knowledge Podcast provides a unique opportunity to gain insights from one of the industry’s brightest minds. Don’t miss this engaging episode that combines the best of knowledge sharing and music exploration.

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