The Business of Radio with “Live @” host Cha Cha Mystique

In episode 57 Keetria talks with guest, Cha Cha Mystique,  Host of the radio show “Live @…” at DAMATRIX studios. Cha Cha shares how she works to maintain her own broadcast while discussing the ins and outs of the broadcasting industry.

Show Notes:

  • Introduction of guest Cha Cha Mystique, Host of the radio show “Live @…” at DAMATRIX studios.
  • How Cha Cha became the host of a radio show
  • Why being direct and transparent is extremely refreshing
  • The content Cha Cha creates is completely freestyled otherwise it seems robotic
  • It is incredibly empowering to be able to share your voice from a radio platform
  • Why Cha Cha wants to host entrepreneurs, artists, and comedians on her show
  • Why the show gets boring when people agree all the time
  • Cha Cha discloses her favorite events and artists
  • How to promote a style that is more underground and get a huge reach
  • For Cha Cha, staying inspired means knowing failure and being broke
  • Keep going for what you believe in and don’t let anyone else take you away from that


Key Points:

  1.    If you have a passion for something, your path will lead you to it.
  2.    Being direct and transparent on a broadcast is invaluable and refreshing for listeners.


Tweetable Quotes:

       “We freestyle everything. I don’t even write questions.” – Cha Cha.

      “Don’t let nobody take you away from that [your passion].” – Cha Cha.

      “Keep going after what you believe in.” – Cha Cha.


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