The Value of Connection

The Value of Connection with Marketing Extraordinaire Michelle Ngome

We speak with speaker, author, and marketing consultant Michelle Ngome – Founder and CEO of Line 25 Consulting. We talk about how she got her start in marketing, her approach to personal branding, her book, and her founding of the African American Marketing Association, along with tips on how to really effectively network with people. We also talk about how effective staying focused is, and how it’s made an impact in Michelle’s life.

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Show Notes:

  • Michelle enjoying street team work caught Keetria’s attention
    • Michelle’s experience promoting J-Kwon in 2004 on Superbowl weekend was her entry to the marketing world
    • Having a product made it easier for Michelle to introduce herself to people
  • Michelle worked in entertainment for a couple years before fully venturing into marketing
  • The importance of connection
    • “Looking across rather than looking up” – looking for someone to put us on rather than help each other up
    • We want to be at the table with people bringing equal or greater value
  • Ideas on creating a valuable connection – audience numbers vs engagement
    • You have to initiate!
    • You have to care – genuinely check on people, not just for business reasons
  • Creativity vs Structure
    • Writing her book gave Michelle ideas to write many other books
    • It takes time to take care of clients and of your own personal projects at the same time
  • Michelle speaks about the 7 steps to developing a personal brand she describes in her book

    • These include developing a core message, establishing a platform, storytelling, using your publicity and your connections
    • A lot of times we’re too much in our own heads, creating internal dilemmas
  • Michelle is establishing the African American Marketing Association
    • Professional organization focusing on the growth and development of marketing professionals
    • There’s a void for black marketing organizations
  • Networking with Michelle
    • “The Go To Podcast for African American Millennials discussing life strategies with a bit of entrepreneurial advice”
    • Starting out as just business advice, the importance of broader life strategies became more apparent as the show went on
    • Bringing extraordinary friends on the show – looking across rather than up
  • Any advice for those of us afraid to network?
    • You never know who you’re going to meet and what it may lead to
    • It goes back to initiating engagement, and it’s often reciprocated
    • Touch base with people over the holiday events happening now

Key Points:

  1.  Initiating communication and being genuinely in touch can go really far in establishing your network.
  2.  Michelle talks about the seven steps she writes about in her book to build her personal brand.
  3. Looking for the excellence in the people around you rather than always up towards others can be a really powerful networking asset.
  4. Stick to one thing.

Tweetable Quotes:

   “We’re no longer in a time when we can just put our head down, do good work, and expect a promotion.” – Michelle Ngome.

      “Lots of times we’re too busy looking up when we need to be looking across.” – Michelle Ngome.

      “Resonate! You have it – let’s bring it out, bring it out to share it with the world.” – Michelle Ngome.

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