Epi 61: Lifestyle Design with Hipster Investments Founder Ali Boone

We are kicking off 2019 with Ali Boone – Founder and CEO of Hipster Investments, a boutique real estate referral agency with a focus on turn-key properties. Ali opens up about her transformation from working in the corporate world to literally freeing up her precious time by living a life of her own design–through real estate. Learn useful advice about turn-key rental properties, and reasons why Hipster Investments can get you on the road to laying down your future foundation.

Show Notes:

  • Ali Boone’s backstory
    • Ali grew up in Georgia and got her Masters Degree in Aerospace Engineering
    • Spent 5 years in a corporate job trying to figure out how to leave
    • Hipster Investments has been around for approx. 6 ½ years
    • Ali received 2nd Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology
    • Ali has become a lifestyle designer and travels the world
  • Ali’s journey into real estate
    • Began real estate after watching a random real estate webinar
    • Prefers passive income rental properties instead of flipping properties
    • Ali has a real estate mindset book coming out
  • Why people lose in real estate
    • Many people have a fear of failure
    • People also get knocked down once then lack perseverance
    • Real estate is more of a mental game than a physical game
    • People don’t realize real estate is like taking on a second job
  • Find someone who’s lifestyle you want and learn from them
  • Ali Boone is also a pilot and a retired rugby player
  • How Ali helps others build their businesses
    • Hipster Investments works primarily with turn-key rental properties
    • It takes time to take care of clients and your own personal projects at the same time
    • Introduces clients to turn-key companies and markets and assists them during the buying process
    • Hipster Investments make their money on the buyer side
  • Ali Boone is also doing consulting on her personal side outside of Hipster Investments
    • Ali’s core passions are independence and lifestyle design
  • Ali Boone’s advice on lifestyle design
    • You are not held hostage by a 9-to-5 job
    • Passive income makes having your own lifestyle possible
    • Passive income can come from starting a business and outsourcing, or rental properties
    • Lay your bricks down for your foundation

Key Points:

1.  Pursue businesses and strategies that fall organically into your nature.

2.  Real estate is never about learning about how to do the strategy, it’s about learning from your mistakes.

3. Don’t take advice from someone you wouldn’t trade shoes with.

4. Turn-key properties don’t require rehabbing, they already have tenants, and you are making cash on day one.

Tweetable Quotes:

–    “I really didn’t want bosses, ever in life. I’ve never really been a big fan of anyone telling me what to do.” – Ali Boone.

–       “When you start pursuing something that isn’t in your natural grain, you are swimming upsteam.” – Ali Boone.

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