Epi 62: The Power of your Ideas with Flash Delivery’s Tatiana Grant


This week we chat with Tatiana Grant of Detroit-based businesses Infused PR and Flash Delivery. Tatiana describes the work and energy necessary to become an entrepreneur in both the PR and delivery application worlds. She also gives us key strategies for keeping our bodies and minds healthy and focused, and points out the power of organization in making management manageable.

Show Notes:

Tatiana Grant’s start-up of Flash Delivery

  • Started out doing PR for professional sports
  • Looking for taco delivery on cold rainy night in Detroit
  • Asked to talk to 50-75 people involved in Flash Delivery type industries
  • Met someone working on a similar idea who became a business partner

How was Infused PR different from Flash Delivery?

  • Became freelance PR during downturn; companies losing full-time PR and looking for contract work so Tatiana did well
  • Did work for future mayor of Detroit; work picked up from there
  • Picked up Michigan McDonald’s account
  • 95% of business from referral and word of mouth

Tools and strategies

  • Project management tool to manage group work
  • Organization
  • Prayer, meditation, inner strength
  • Keep finances in order

Key Points:

1.  Word of mouth can be your most powerful asset in public relations.

2.  Being open to new people and meetings, even with potential competitors, lead Tatiana to finding a business partner for Flash Delivery.

3. Project management is key to organizing groups of people to efficiently accomplish a project.

4. Credit can take a long time to be rebuilt; be careful about taking on too much debt too young.

Tweetable Quotes:

–    I think I enjoy the madness of being in it, and then when it’s done looking back and having the fulfillment of ‘Oh my Gosh I can’t believe I made this happen.”– Tatiana Grant

–       “Really get people’s opinions: what do they think of it, how much would they be willing to pay for it, how frequently would they use it, don’t just keep your layers of positivity on there.” – Tatiana Grant.

–       “Keep going, keep yourself motivated, keep yourself intact, whatever it takes to let you be the best you, make sure that that happens.” – Tatiana Grant.

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