Epi 63: Gemma Lang of iSocialCircle drops by to discuss her social networking community


Today on SOB, Gemma Lang, Founder and Creator of iSocialCircle tells us how she created a company with the goal of connecting travelers around the world to distill loneliness. Gemma describes her vision for the new social community and shares how it all got started. She also gives some valuable advice to other aspiring entrepreneurs.

Show Notes:

  • How iSocialCircle, a different type of social networking, got started
  • iSocialCirlce allows you to build a network while traveling
  • How and why iSocialCircle gives back
  • Social media and networking is a double-edged sword
  • How Gemma overcame unexpected challenges
  • How to start your own business and live your vision

3 Key Points:

1.  iSocialCircle is an app that connects travelers around the world.

2.  iSocialCirle is trying to prevent loneliness and depression not only by connecting people but also by giving back to worthy causes.

3. If you have an idea and a problem to solve, you can create a business if you believe in yourself.


Tweetable Quotes:

“We use social media in a really positive way.”– Gemma

 “Social media and networking is a double edge sword.” – Gemma

“Believe in yourself.” – Gemma


Resources Mentioned:

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