Epi 64: The Business of Sneakers with Foamer aka Mr. Foamer Simpson


Today on SOB, Mike “Foamer” Simpson, Founder and Creator of Mr. Foamer Simpson YouTube channel, tells us how he and his brother, Bucketz, created a YouTube channel, podcast, and business with the goal of highlighting and reviewing a wide variety of popular sneakers. Foamer describes his background, the inspiration of the YouTube Channel and subsequent clothing brand, and gives some advice to listeners on purchasing. He also gives some encouragement to other aspiring entrepreneurs.

Show Notes:

  • Sneaker culture and trends and why they are important
  • How the brothers organically started their thriving business
  • Comfort versus style of sneakers: which is more important?
  • Differences in buying sneakers now versus 20 years ago
  • Sneaker purchasing advice and things to look out for before you buy a pair
  • How entrepreneurs can take initiative today

3 Key Points:

1.  Mr. Foamer Simpson is a YouTube channel focused on sneakers.

2.  Mr. Foamer Simpson channel helps shoppers make informed purchasing decisions.  

3. If you have an idea or inspiration, you should just start instead of worrying about making it absolutely perfect.


Tweetable Quotes:

  • “I really like to have a plethora, I like to have a lot of different sneakers.” – Foamer
  • “It’s been interesting when you look back at it and look how you started with things.” – Foamer
  • “Let’s just create something dope and see if it resonates with people.” – Foamer


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