Epi 65: The Secret to Securing the big deals with Dr. Pelè of Big Ticket Clients

Today on SOB, marketing consultant, author, and musician Dr. Pelè joins us to discuss his strategies for reaching and maintaining relationships with ‘big ticket clients’. We discuss the importance of authentically telling our own story in connecting with clients, the powers and pitfalls of using the internet to reach customers, and psychological techniques which can be used to emphasize and dramatize ones storytelling, as Dr. Pelè discusses in his book. We also talk about how podcasting itself can be a powerful networking strategy!

Show Notes:

  • Dr. Pelè speaks about his background of adversity, his music production, and the way he consults in helping clients reach ‘big ticket clients’
  • How does storytelling importantly relate to sales and marketing?
  • Our story is the thing that makes us unique
  • Different techniques can be used for attracting small vs big ticket clients
  • The internet can be a powerful but also dangerous information source; beware of copy-cat marketing
  • The importance of applying real life communication standards to online networking
  • How to use social media to grow your business
  • Where does cold calling sit in the toolbox of modern marketers?
  • The power of podcasting as a business building strategy
  • How Dr. Pelè’s book describes psychological techniques which can aid in marketing
  • Dr. Pelè describes his training style and techniques
  • Music as film soundtrack as an analogy for psychological techniques in storytelling
  • Dr. Pelè describes helping people to realize that they already possess everything they need to be successful in business
  • Advice for scaling up clientele in a five step process

3 Key Points:

1.  Dr. Pelè’s suggestions for attracting ‘big ticket clients’ hinge on using one’s own story to connect.

2.  Many of the techniques popularly advertised in marketing circles are only appropriate for ‘small ticket clients’; a larger and more sustainable customer base requires human connection.  

3. Podcasting can be a powerful tool for networking because it involves authentic expression and connection.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “Nobody cares how much we can do or how good our products are if they never hear about them.” – Dr. Pelè
  • “We all have these unique, powerful stories, and that’s how you sell.” – Dr. Pelè
  • “You can’t catch a whale with a worm.” – Dr. Pelè

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