How to Use Setbacks to Get Ahead in Business and Life

We all run into setbacks, challenges, and obstacles in business and in life. In the midst of being busy and working through our planned activities, it’s easy to get caught in the routine of normalcy and just having things unfold in the way we believe they should. And, even though we may have intended the best outcomes or results, there is always a chance things will not go as we have planned. Whether it pertains to your business goals or life goals, setbacks don’t mean defeat. Setbacks are reminders for us to slow down, observe, and focus on what we are doing.

Here are 3 tips you can use to overcome any setback you come across – they can help us get ahead.

1. Be Okay with Where you are NOW! One of the biggest lessons I’ve been able to take away from being an entrepreneur and learning new things along the journey is that you have to be good with your current progress. Sometimes we get caught up with not being able to do things within a set timeframe which actually does more harm than good because we’re constantly battling to get things done. I’ve found that working in this way causes a large amount of resistance. What I know now is this, by giving your best effort on whatever it is you’re working on or progressing toward the desired result will eventually appear. But, you have to accept where you are now.

2. Take a Break and Recharge.
Setbacks are nudges for us to slow the hell down! For example: have you ever worked hours on end to complete a project to realize in the end that something was missing or maybe you realized it could’ve been better? While some people believe that working longer hours and completing tasks as quickly as possible leads to increased productivity it can just as well lead to inefficiency. What happens when we’re inefficient and racing against the clock? This is what happens: the inevitable burnout leads to disruptions in the assignment or project – the setback. But when things like this happen, use the setback to take inventory of how you’re accomplishing tasks. Don’t hurry to get things done. And take frequent breaks to recharge so that you don’t get frustrated or discouraged.

3. Revisit your Goals. Change takes place whether we want it to or not. People change, places change, the seasons’ change and our plans are also constantly changing. Have you really thought about the things you want to experience? Do you know what it is that you truly want? Sometimes things don’t work out and we meet setbacks because we honestly don’t know or believe in our goals. This is the time to use any challenge to analyze what it is you want in life and why you want it. When was the last time you looked at your goals to make sure they were still in line with your desires? I’ve missed the boat on this lesson several times and each time I remember to revisit my goals, I end up removing some and adding new ones. Take the time to revisit your list of goals.

So, when you encounter setbacks in any area of your life, just remember that there just might be an important message lurking in the wings to help catapult you forward in whatever you wish to pursue. Setbacks are beneficial to progress when we understand why we’re experiencing them.

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