Epi 66: The Wonderful World of Cryptocurrency with Emilie Jerard

In this episode I had the privilege of speaking with CryptoTalk Podcast host Emilie Jerard. Tune in as she talks about her career paths in medicine, finance, and fashion which eventually paved the way for her new passion crypto. She also gives listeners excellent financial and life advice.

Show Notes:

  • Jerard explains her background from biochemistry to fashion design to finance.
  • She helps people who want to enter any of her fields of interest
  • She explains the core mission of her cryptocurrency business
  • She wants to be a role model for others, especially other black female entrepreneurs
  • Her medical work ties in well with her financial work
  • She explains the content of her podcast CryptoTalk
  • She has a tutorial available for a very small $1.00 donation as well as many other resources
  • Her work in many different environments and with many different people really helped her thrive
  • Jerard focused on quality in all her work
  • Helping people gives her the most satisfaction
  • She encourages listeners to make time their friend and enjoy the journey

3 Key Points:

  1. Cryptocurrency and digital money is the future.
  2. Jerard makes it easy to understand the ins and outs of this new financial system.
  3. In work and in life, make sure to try many things and to enjoy the journey.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “You have to know your numbers and where you are financially.” – Emilie Jerard
  • “I talk about cryptocurrency in a way that people can understand.” – Emilie Jerard
  • “I took a lot of risks in my career and it paid off.” – Emilie Jerard

Resources Mentioned:

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