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Education, Scholarships & Opportunity with Minorities to Majorities CEO Jasmine Chigbu

In episode 58 Keetria talks with Jasmine Chigbu, CEO and Founder of Minorities to Majorities. Jasmine´s goal is to make higher education more accessible to minorities. After spending too much time searching for opòrtunities, she knew there had to be an easier way. Join Keetria and Jasmine as they talk about the movement she is creating and the journey of a minority entrepreneur. There’s also 15% off all MTM merchandise with promo code “STYLEOFBUSINESS.” Listen to the show!

Show Notes:

  • Introduction of guest Jasmine Chigbu, CEO and Founder of Minorities to Majorities
  • How Jasmine created a resource for minorities for grad school and scholarships
  • Jasmine created an app that helps minorities see their scholarship opportunities at their fingertips
  • The app is all about giving people access. There is no barrier to download the app.
  • The biggest frustration when it comes to minorities looking for scholarship
  • There is a lack of support for minorities
  • The entrepreneur journey of a minority woman


Key Points:

  1.  Jasmine created an app Minorities to Majorities that allows students to access resources at the tips of their fingertips.
  2.  Jasmine is making higher education more accessible for everyone and in the long-term healing individuals and communities through higher education.


Tweetable Quotes:

    “Communities and people can be healed through higher education.” – Jasmine.

      “Do your research.” – Jasmine.

      “Being an entrepreneur and being a black woman in the process has been a constant process of learning.” – Jasmine.


Resources Mentioned:

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