The Wellness Way of Life with Tif Pate

The Wellness Way of Life with Tif Pate


Tif Pate, entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast, joins us to speak about holistic wellness and what a wellness business looks like. Tune in as she talks about making health a top priority and how to create a business around your value system.

Show Notes:


  • Introduction of guest Tif Pate
  • The power of wellness and effects on life
  • Fitness mental blocks and how to get past them
  • The future of biohealth
  • Customizing biohealth
  • How to train your body according to your needs
  • The effects of food and medications on how your DNA is expressed
  • How taking care of ourselves affects the world around us
  • Insecurities and how they control us
  • Workout recovery gems that help
  • Striving for life-work balance
  • How to schedule everything around your workout
  • The most important appointment you should keep
  • How to ensure a successful business
  • Why knowing your value system is important when creating a business


3 Key Points:

  1. The power of holistic wellness in our lives and why it is important.
  2. The journey from unhealthy to healthy is a process.
  3. How to balance your life and always fit your 30 minutes of exercise into your day.


Tweetable Quotes:

–       “It is all a journey—for thicker or thinner” – Tif Pate.

–       “I am here to help, inspire, and change people’s lives for the better” – Tif Pate.
–       “If you are going to do business, it needs to be something that is in line with your value system” – Tif Pate.


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