Building a Foundation for Success

Building a Foundation for Success with GTEX Co-founder Simone Vincenzi

In episode 54, Keetria talks with Simone Vincenzi, Co-Founder of GTEX. Simone is a High-Converting, Entertaining Trainer and Speaker. He works with businesses as a coach to help them grow and develop. Simone´s path wasn’t a straight path. Starting as a restaurant manager Simone molded his path to a life and business he loves. Simone shares how he made it as an entrepreneur with little initial knowledge about business.

Show Notes:

  • Introduction of guest Simone Vincenzi, Co-Founder of GTEX and Professional Development speaker.
  • At age 22, Simone realized he had reached the top of what he was doing for the education he had.
  • Although Simone worked in restaurant management his whole life he discovered his passion for coaching when he was 22. He quickly got a diploma in that area.
  • Due to his young age, Simone would coach as a part of a larger organization. He started to speak at schools.
  • Simone did a lot of shifts that were unpaid to gain experience.
  • Simone talks about the lack of family support and difficult times that made him a stronger and better business owner.
  • Simone puts more emphasis on the process than the results in personal development.
  • It is about being proactive rather than reactive and finding solutions rather than problems.
  • If you are waiting for things to be perfect, then it is never going to happen.
  • If you want to really stand out as a speaker and make a name for yourself, always think about what makes me unique.
  • Build your expertise and to prove that you are there walking, living, breathing embodiment of what you do.


3 Key Points:

  1.     The path to running your own business is not “one size fits all.”
  2.     The path to business is a series of ups and downs and people not believing in what you have to offer.
  3.      If you want to be successful, get experience and eat, walk, and breathe what you are selling.


Tweetable Quotes:

      “Everything was a challenge and an opportunity.” – Simone.

      “An adventure is an opportunity to become a better person.” – Simone.

      “Build your expertise and to prove that you are there walking, living, breathing embodiment of what you do because just because you attended today’s seminar for free.” –Simone.


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