Freelancing Your Way to Freedom with Dayne Shuda

Freelancing Your Way to Freedom with Dayne Shuda of Ghost Blog Writers


In episode 53 Keetria sits with Dayne Shuda, Founder of Ghost Blog writers. Keetria and Dayne talk about freelancing, and Dayne shares his story about how he transitioned from his job to full-time freelancing. Dayne shares best practices when deciding to freelance full-time and gives us a peek into the life of a freelancing entrepreneur.

Show Notes:

  • Introduction of guest Dayne Shuda, Founder of Ghost Blog Writers
  • How Dayne´s first job sparked interest to start exploring digital content
  • After he secured two clients, Dayne started to consider freelancing as a job
  • Having clients and a basic setup of the company eased Dayne´s transition from the corporate realm to entrepreneur life
  • How Dayne comes up with content for the blog
  • The goal of a business blog is to attract people to your brand
  • Don´t look at your blog´s analytics during your first year
  • How a personal blog and a business blog are different
  • Blogging is a unique way to connect with people
  • How Dayne would pivot his business if the blogging world collapsed

3 Key Points:

  1. Freelancing as a viable job is becoming more and more popular.
  2. Developing an understanding of digital content and getting clients eases the transition into freelancing.
  3. If you are serious about freelancing and can see some potential, just do it.

Tweetable Quotes:

–       “Having the clients was a big one [help] instead of just jumping on an idea.” – Dayne.

–       “Content creators are big consumers of content.” – Dayne.

–       “If you are serious about it and can see some potential, just do it.” – Dayne.

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