How to Build a Team of Freelancers

Remote working is continuing to grow, and it’s estimated that 36.2 million Americans will be working remotely by 2025. Here are a few tips to help you build a successful team of freelancers. 

Consider Nearshoring

While outsourcing allows you to hire freelancers located anywhere in the world, nearshoring usually involves working with freelancers from countries located nearby, such as the Dominican Republic, and therefore a  similar or close enough time zone. This lets you increase efficiency by maintaining a similar daily workflow.

Post on Online Job Boards

To find freelancers, post a job listing with information about the available position. If you have a specific country in mind, you can often find job boards for that location. In the Dominican Republic, for example, it’s possible to hire freelancers via the online job portal Workana.

It’s also important to be industry-specific. That means posting job listings in places where they will be seen by relevant talent. There are job sites geared towards specific fields, from cryptocurrency to social media. Pick those most in line with the position you are looking to fill.

While a portfolio or work samples are helpful, you’ll still want to have a Google Meet, Zoom, or FaceTime call to learn more about each candidate.

Schedule Weekly Check-Ins

Be sure to schedule at least one video call a week with your freelance team when possible. Remote teams using video conferencing can build better relationships.

Establish Communication Lines

Be clear about how you’ll communicate with your team. While there are numerous social messaging channels, it’s better to try and keep workflow on email or in a messaging channel such as Telegram. Depending on the size of your team, you may want to have a Discord channel or set up Google Meet to make sure everyone is aligned.

There are a few options when it comes to paying freelancers. First, you’ll create a contract or negotiate a rate based on your needs. This can be hourly or a fixed fee delivered on a project basis. You’ll need to also discuss a timeline for payments. Consider using a money transfer service such as Remitly to ensure low fees and reliable transactions. Remitly can help you avoid high transfer fees, and instant payments to the Dominican Republic are free for first-time transfers.

Form an LLC

You’ll need to handle some logistics and admin work before you begin hiring freelancers. Depending on the amount you need, you might want to consider forming an LLC. An LLC is a limited liability company and comes with many benefits that are useful to a small business.

The amount of time it takes to form an LLC and the regulations associated with doing so differs depending on the state in which you’re planning to register. Formation services can help you with paperwork and other logistics associated with incorporation, such as ensuring you file the correct documents. They can also save you expensive lawyer fees.

Build a Team For Success

Every great idea needs support to come to fruition. Hire a team of freelancers to help you accomplish your vision. Utilize the internet to connect with talented professionals around the world. It takes a team to achieve success, and now you can choose the one that’s right for you.

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