Stop holding on to your ideas

Stop Holding on to your Ideas and Start Where you Are Now!

When it comes to reaching goals you have to start with steps. The first step to completing a puzzle begins with dumping the pieces from the box – then you start working to put it together. You don’t know where one piece will fit until you start working on the puzzle.

And as you go along the puzzle becomes a bit easier to solve. The overall vision, the finished picture is now starting to come together. It may take you some time to finish it, but as you do the work, the puzzle will eventually be complete. But the first step to completing the puzzle solving goal was initiated once a decision was made to start.

To give you a better example of what I’m talking about…


Do you have friends or family members who are always talking about their ideas and what they’re going to do and the things they want to do? Ever notice how they’re always happy to discuss their ideas and hyped with excitement as you engage in discussions of their potential?  And the next time you see them nothing has happened – no progress whatsoever, forward movement or action. Then the cycle repeats.


You may have this conversation dozens of times and you wonder, “When are they going to stop talking and start doing?”


I’ve been in this cycle before – a combination of laziness and procrastination and also fear. Additionally, for me, it also boiled down to the excuses for inaction and simply not bothering to do the work. I felt things needed to be “in order” or the “right time” before I got started. I felt that I needed to be ready and prepared.

But, I later learned the truth.


While it doesn’t hinder you to be prepared, being in an indefinite state of preparation keeps you from progressing. You don’t need to align with how you desire things to be before you can get started working on your idea or goal. Starting where you are now is what leads you to the next step in the creative process.


Eventually, your snowball gains enough momentum because you got your idea rolling and then before you know it, the snowball has now tripled in size. Then, the magic begins to happen as things start to fall in place. More importantly, the idea that was trapped in your head is now on its way to becoming something tangible — because you finally STARTED!

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