Self-taught Software Developer Launches Beammob

New Interactive Music Streaming and Online Community for Artists & Fans

“From corporate actions at one of the largest financial firms to losing everything and moving back in with his mom only to re-emerge again re-shaping the music tech world today.”

During this Pandemic, rap artist and self-taught software developer Escoth has utilized his downtime time cranking away at code and recording songs for his new EP on his lunch breaks, often not sleeping for 24 hours on some days. His platform, Beammob, has been gathering avid users due to its fan share profit incentives that artists have taken a liken to.

At a time when “boycott Spotify” is becoming a widespread buzz word among independent artists, Beammob has popped up as an attractive option for artists serious about making a living from their music. Millennials also gravitate to the platform due to its environmentally green activities. One of the newly added features  allows rappers and singers to lease there acapella stems to djs, producers and businesses for cash.

Although Beammob has only been officially launched 3 weeks ago, It has already been featured on podcasts such as Keetria’s Style of Business. 

Armed with a new streaming platform Escoth has released his single titled “Signed The Accord” exclusively on and is set to release another single in October

Please get in touch with escoth at for interviews or promotions.




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