How Can Rappers Fulfill Their Dream of Producing Great Rap Music?

Producing great rap music that captures the imagination of the masses is great for every budding rapper. Dreaming is great until the reality sets in. Your dream of producing great music cannot be achieved by merely visiting a recording studio, recording an album, releasing it on social media platforms, and waiting for a potential breakthrough. There is a lot more that you need to do if you want to outsmart others and be the star rapper. Here are a few things that will help you fulfill your dream of producing great rap music.

  • Know who your target audience is

You cannot compose a song if you don’t have a specific target audience. Know your target audience, whether it is youths or older adults, men or women, and create great rap music that they will resonate with. Composing songs that emotionally connect with your fans would be a great choice too. You should identify something that you have in common with your audience or a similar problem that you share with them and try to provide them with a solution through your lyrics.

  • Choose the right musical instrumentals

The rap beats of the song are the first thing that impresses the listeners. The beats and the message portrayed in the song determine whether it turns out to be a flop or a big hit. If you aspire to be a successful rapper, you must invest in quality beats and instrumentals. There are many websites online where you can buy beats and instrumentals produced by other rappers. Better instrumentals will lead to better music. So make sure you set aside a budget for instrumentals as it’ll pay off in the long run.

  • Create a social media presence

As a musician, creating a social media presence is something that you must prioritize. If you’re not utilizing social media, you are definitely missing out. Social media will allow you to connect with your loyal fans and have a better relationship with them, you can even ask them for ideas if they want to hear songs about something specific. Also, it is very easy to go viral on social media. If you can come up with the perfect rap songs, chances are you will find yourself trending worldwide.

  • Don’t underestimate the importance of lyrics

If there is one thing that separates great rappers from good rappers, then it is surely lyrics. Rappers who produced songs with great lyrics are considered great because their music stood the test of time while others who only concentrated on the beats fizzled out. You should aim at influencing your fans through your words and come up with masterpieces that will keep you relevant in the music industry for long.

  • Creativity is key

If you want to be a great rapper, being creative is key. You should be creative enough to outthink and outperform other rappers. You must come up with creative ideas that make you seem different than the rest. Think outside the box, be bold, and create suspense so that listeners pay more attention to the lyrics.

Introducing Gemtracks

Gemtracks is a marketplace started by singer, songwriter and producer, Jesse Neo. Jesse has been releasing music for several years and have even worked as a composer for several big YouTube channels. The aim of Gemtracks is to allow producers and artists to buy and sell beats, offer their services and book recording studios.

“Gemtracks has been going very well, lately!” Jesse told us. “Today, we have a lot of producers that have worked with big labels selling beats. These producers include Beowulf, IYFFE and Taylor Carroll.”

With Gemtracks, rappers can easily access cheap resources to make their musical career dreams come true. A frequently updated blog filled with informative tutorials is available on the website.

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