Female-Friendly Business Resources for the Savvy Business Woman

Let’s be real – the business world isn’t exactly female-friendly. You’ve probably experienced this at some point in time during your career. Whether it’s a few smug male glances or all-out sexual harassment, you’ve got a lot to deal with as an entrepreneurial woman in a world dominated by men.

It’s more important than ever for everyone to support women in fields of expertise. As a woman yourself, it can be hard to find people who are willing to be in your corner. Thankfully there are indeed female-friendly resources out there for support, ideas, networking and help for all of your entrepreneurial needs.


If you need someone in your corner that is willing to go to bat for your business, Feminology is there for you. Their female-empowerment message is perfect for women entrepreneurs who are just starting out on their first official business venture. For a yearly fee, Feminology will guide you and your business through your fledgling phases, making sure it succeeds.

Feminology also regularly holds and endorses workshops geared toward giving women the tools they need to succeed as a businessperson, including marketing ideas and networking tips.

American Business Women’s Association (ABWA)

As a female entrepreneur, it’s important that you network in spaces that are safe and welcoming to you. If you’re going it alone, it can be hard to find opportunities to branch out and network outside of small circles. The ABWA gives women from all different business backgrounds the opportunity to get together and learn about leadership and education, as well as providing a great pool of female entrepreneurs to connect with.

BizyMoms’ Small Business Center

You should never stop learning. You could have a PhD in literally every subject possible, and there would still be new information to learn. Maybe you aren’t there yet, but the point still stands – BizyMoms’ dedciates a portion of their site to offering female entrepreneurs access to e-courses, directories, informative articles and even a newsletter to subscribe to for updates on women-friendly resources.

Rich Woman

You can already tell this is a site for you, right? Rich Woman is dedicated to female empowerment in the business world by connecting with other like-minded business women. There’s also an added element of financial education and business presence for entry-level female entrepreneurs that still need a little bit of help getting their foundation set.

The BOSS Network

 Are you a BOSS? If you are, then you’re a pretty smart lady – this network of women is all about being empowered and aligning together as businesswomen. They’re all about promoting the health and wellness of women, both in the business and spiritual sense. If you want to network and just swap some business stories with some savvy women, this is the place you should be.

TED for Women

 You’ve probably heard of TED conferences, or at least seen snippets of them on YouTube. If you’ve never seen a full TED conference, you should definitely check one out. If you want one that piques your interest, check out their videos tagged “women.” Most of these videos talk about women issues and their place in the working world. Watch a few and be totally inspired.

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