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NEW! SOB Episode: Interview with Joylynn M. Ross the Author and CEO of Path to Publishing


During this new episode of Style of Business (SOB), Keetria interviews Joylynn M. Ross, an author and CEO of Path to Publishing, that shares what she has coming up with her books projects, a new conference, and people she has worked with. Aspiring writers and authors will be in for some exciting information to benefit their careers.

Show Notes:
● You don’t have to be a writer to be an author. People share stories everyday on social media.
● Joylynn wrote for an escape and for entertainment to get her mind away from being left home alone.
● She wrote the life she wish she had and when she wrote stories for class, the students
hung on her every word.
● Joylynn M. Ross has written multiple book series.
● Joylynn was the acquisitions editor for publisher and best-selling author Carl Webber at his
Urban Christian Imprint—telling her to start series.
● She has been in the literary industry for about 20 years.
● The Path of Publishing Conference (Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business):
Day 1: How to publish Your Book
● The Path of Publishing Conference (Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business):
Day 2: How to Build Your Book Business
● The Path of Publishing Conference (Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business):
Day 3: All About Money
● Ideas, thoughts, concepts, and a testimony are what it takes to be a great author.
There are enough resources like ghost writers, verbal writing software, and
researchers to get it done.
● Know who your audience is and promote your book 6-9 months out. Pre-orders help you get best-selling status.
● Joylynn can be hired to be an editor and she offers online courses.
● The major publishing houses have imprints that don’t require agents and
● Learn the business and don’t be afraid to invest in your business.

3 Key Points:
1. Paths to Publishing to teaches authors how to tell, publish, and sell their stories to create multiple streams of income to sustain their book business.
2. Books series written by Joylynn M. Ross: New Day Divas (5 books), Still Divas (3
books), Always Divas (3 books), Forever Divas: Soap Opera in Print (3 books), and
also children’s books.
3. Businesses don’t make money, people do.


Tweetable Quotes:
– “Path to Publish…is a community of literary architects, building literary empires. We are not just writers writing books.” – Joylynn M. Ross.
– “I started introducing the characters in the first series, which is the New Day Divas. Then, these people had so many issues. These chicks had so many issues. I said you all need your own book.” – Joylynn M. Ross.
– “As a fiction writer…we research what we don’t know, and make up the rest.” – Joylynn M. Ross.

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