My new book, “Courage Is A Muscle: Using Heart to Power Your Entrepreneurial Dreams”

Starting this month I’ll begin sharing the first few chapters of my book “Courage Is a Muscle: Using Heart to Power Your Entrepreneurial Dreams.”

Thankfully, with the help of my editor, we managed to wrap up the last round of edits and now it’s just a matter of releasing confirming the official release date. But, before I unveil my manuscript to the world I felt compelled to share a portion of my story in hopes of offering a glimpse of what the entrepreneurial journey is like. And while it hasn’t been perfect, it’s certainly been worth it and I encourage anyone who is reading this to not give up on their goals. Don’t be like the man who stopped digging three feet from gold who Napoleon Hill described in his book “Think and Grow Rich.” When it’s all said and done if you choose to hold on to a desire that constantly tugs at you and you do nothing to follow it through you end up doing yourself and others a great disservice.

Courage Is A Muscle highlights the constant uncertainty entrepreneurs and new business owners face while also encouraging the reader to act on inspiration, protect their dreams, and embrace change. 

It references topics like mindset & attitude, perseverance, avoiding distractions, organization, wellbeing & fitness, and self-worth. I invite the reader to come along on my personal journey as I reflect and share experiences with business success and failure, my first experiences with entrepreneurship and how the close personal relationship with my late grandmother served as a catalyst for me to pursue my goals. I look forward to sharing this project with you soon!

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