Epi 71: Paving a Path for Music Industry Success with Hot Money Studios founder Patrick Osei


In episode 71 we hear from guest Patrick Osei, Founder of Hot Money Studios based out of the U.K. Patrick talks about his production studio, his current projects and how you can move forward in your current endeavors.

Show Notes:

  • Patrick goes over his background and credentials.
  • He started off in classical music and was trained by musical masters.
  • He started getting into music technology and then to the production side.
  • He enrolled in the school of audio engineering and became a part of the garage band movement.
  • He became one of the top guys creating “grind” music in 2003 before Hot Money Studios.
  • Patrick’s musical influences growing up before production: 80’s pop, Bob Marley, jazz influences.
  • Patrick’s musical influences in production: R&B and all the big super producers.
  • About how the Hot Money Studios business model came to be.
  • What the transition was like moving to an actual studio space.
  • The biggest differences Patrick notices promoting across genres.
  • How technology has removed every excuse in the music industry when it comes to distribution.
  • Every project has a different energy, it’s impossible to have a favorite.
  • Construction is his favorite part of production.
  • Patrick’s day to day services are generally engineering.
  • What’s the first step once the finished product is in hand.
  • Patrick prefers paid promotional ads – you have to pay to get seen on Facebook and Instagram.
  • How important it is for artists to perform to grow their fan bases.


3 Key Points:

  1. Hot Money Studios was created to foster an environment of creativity.
  2. There’s a lot more pressure on pop artists to produce something flashy.
  3. Patrick was not naturally an entrepreneur, he’s naturally creative, but learning marketing and other skill sets allowed him to gain clients and build a business.


Tweetable Quotes:

  • “Every project has a different energy, it’s impossible to have a favorite, I like them all equally.” – Patrick Osei
  • “If I didn’t market my studio, I would not be in business.” – Patrick Osei
  • “Once you’ve got the right product, everything will fall into place.” – Patrick Osei


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Resources Mentioned:

  • Hot Money Studios
  • Follow Hot Money Studios on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter: @HotMoneyStudios

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