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Epi 70: Launching a Business in the Tech Space with Tempestt Davis


In episode 70 we hear from guest Tempestt Davis, army veteran and tech founder of The Busy Business, a subscription-based collaborative community for millennial freelancers. Tempestt talks to your host Keetria about how she got started and how we can move forward in our entrepreneurial pursuits.

Show Notes:

  • Tempestt is based out of San Antonio, Texas.
  • After she got out of the army she floated around to different types of work.
  • She liked freelancing and wanted to be able to help other freelancers.
  • How Tempestt got her platform off the ground and what inspired her to move forward with the concept.
  • She picked one location where people could collaborate or find work instead of using multiple platforms.
  • What differentiates The Busy Business from other platforms.
  • About the future of the gig economy and side hustles.
  • How the Busy Business started out – it was never a side-hustle.
  • About being a black, female entrepreneur in the tech space.
  • Resources that helped bring The Busy Business from concept to business model.
  • The challenges Tempestt ran into getting her business off the ground.
  • The learning curve Tempestt encountered when creating The Busy Business.
  • What Tempestt enjoys most about entrepreneurship.
  • It’s not the pay that makes people say, it’s feeling appreciated.
  • Final advice to entrepreneurs looking to launch in the tech space.
  • Connect with Tempestt – on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook @TheBusyBusiness


3 Key Points:

1. Freelancers are paying as much as 20% commission on jobs, the Busy Business doesn’t charge a percentage of work.

2. We don’t need to think about what people will allow us to do, we need to get out there and get our success.

3. Don’t be afraid to pivot, it’s okay to change your mind.


Tweetable Quotes:

  • “I had to think to myself, what can I do to help everybody at the same time?” – Tempestt Davis
  • “In the future about 60% of the workforce will be working from home.” -Tempestt Davis
  • “I like being in control of my own destiny and making my own dreams come true.” -Tempestt Davis


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