Building a Killer Lifestyle Brand Following Without Breaking the Bank; Every Entrepreneur’s Dream


Once you’ve discovered the potential of your brand, perhaps patented, or built; your optimal dream would be to have a following begging for what you have concocted. Social media traffic buzzing in circles, the new order phone line and website busier than the complaint department, and revenue pouring in would be stellar. While sometimes due to the market or competition you may feel that there are no shortcuts, at least there are some streamlined ideas you can focus on to help you get to your goal.

A lot of brands that have the following desired DID break the bank to get there, mostly with advertising on prime cable TV networks and even billboards in large cities like LA, New York and Houston. In a time where what really can raise your blood pressure most is the notion of spending more, we’ll try to explore avenues that will help certain buying circles take notice; and hopefully keep that notice on your brand in their high priority inbox.

YouTube Promo Video or Commercial

As hard as it can be to organize and get to the finish line, the first tip to branding on a budget is going with what you have got. If someone in your entourage happens to already have Twitter with 20,000 followers or real prowess in the video department, grab on and don’t let go. In the video area is where we get to some really important “meat and potatoes” of marketing. A lot of people fear video because they think it is going to be very expensive. HD cameras have changed that. If you really wanted to, you could shoot a video on a smartphone, I may not recommend it; but just for a simple testimonial it gets the point across.

Let’s say you have created a shoe brand and started small. If you know someone with an HD camera, you can have close-ups of the shoe, some music, people perhaps playing sports or skateboarding, and use an editing program to make some slick transitions. Then, you can put the video on You Tube, and invite customers who like the product to comment. Also, putting the video on your Facebook page will show users what the product is like.

Many business owners are afraid to shoot commercials because they feel that they won’t look like the ones on television. That’s ok! As long as the camera is steady, the talent seems genuine, and the brand is shown clearly, it’s a start. Maybe later you will have an awesome budget to make a better video.

Web Templates for Online Presence

Another form of buzz that we have been hearing about bang for the buck in branding is regarding the use of templates. There is a lot of information that steers you away from pre crafted templates, websites like Squarespace can give you an online presence for folks to see while you are building your staff and your business in general. And blogging templates can be a great way to at least get your feet wet and spread some articles around about your product. Another important thing to remember is that they do not always have to be articles about your product, they can also

Create a Sense of Urgency and Excitement

Another way to really build your brand without breaking the bank is by peaking curiosity. This is difficult, but Pinterest did it by being exclusive, as a member’s only service. If you craft your words and product carefully, you may be able to build hype about your upcoming brand that people will be waiting on the edge of their seats for.

Depending on the kind of brand you’re introducing, the way that this has been done in the past is by creating a “holding” or “coming soon” page, and directing traffic towards it with videos about people asking questions, or the promise of revealing something big. We know this is difficult, but if you do it with just the right amount of finesse, it works. And this method, if not done perfectly, will still leave SOME curious customers milling around your holding page waiting for the revealing moment.

There are also design focused web communities like Dribble where you can acquire talented designer that may not be as much in the money department as local designers. It should be noted that in the graphic design realm, this is one area you don’t want to skimp, as this is your “logo for life”. However, if you are on a time crunch and you need something that is not too deep (as in 3d rendering and technology) that can still convey a message, you may get a completely acceptable logo for 99 dollars or so.

Excellent Customer Service

The last sentiment of branding and getting the word out has to do with the fast paced culture of today; everyone is in even more of a hurry than they were during the tech boom. To get your brand name on people’s lips, having someone truly outstanding in the customer service department is an asset. In today’s world of productivity reports, spreadsheets, and getting people off the phone as soon as possible, someone who is there to give extra time is appreciated.

The best customer service professionals who have multiple awards are always in demand. Breaking the bank is absolutely frightening in the beginning of a brand development process, and hopefully with a few of these guidelines you will be able to develop more of a following on a budget.

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