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YouTube Marketing; the Vital Presentation of your Product (Value of Video)

What is the initial value of video marketing?   

When YouTube videos are used for marketing, a very interesting statistic is that 46 percent of internet browsers say they may stay longer on a website if it has video. Another amazing thing about YouTube videos and how they reach people is the relative success of videos that were just a testimonial or single person speaking. It is always best to put together a video that shows your business or solves a problem, but just having a testimonial or monologue still puts your company out there and lets viewers see how great your ideas are.

Another very exciting thing about having videos embedded to a company page is visitors almost always stay longer when there is something for them to watch, even if it does not convert a buyer on the first visit, it will stick in their subconscious much longer. With the many directions that current technology can pull you in, keeping the content simple can be a task, but a very rewarding one.

Other things video does for you or your product

One of the most powerful things about having a video on YouTube is it can sell for you all day and night. Simple web pages can too, but video gives the prospective client visualization or face shot of who they are dealing with. If you are a company that is in the business of marketing and branding concepts, reading text and client lists works for a while, but having a face to explain it all can provide an enormous missing link.

If someone is reading about the ways you can benefit them from making contacts or gaining sponsorship for you, they may start to get very excited and impulsive. If they click on a video and a friendly face tells them, “Hi there! If you are interested in making your company or artist TAKE OFF, you have come to the right place!”, the right kind of consumer who is already salivating over the presentation will really start to be engaged and become interested in what you have to say.

Some tactics to make your content stand out w/ tips & ideas

If the fact that there are so many of millions of videos out there worries you, don’t be discouraged! If what you are wanting to market is unique, then as time passes, your video will retain some views and your page will be visited. Some firms that have had amazing success are engineering and development, they put videos on YouTube explaining how they streamline processes and save companies money.

There were many instances in which companies were inundated with phone calls just days after they put up a YouTube video, and linked to their home page in the description. If you feel like you can, make your video funny. This can be done with whiteboarding, animations, sketches that show someone as the butt of a mild prank, or over exaggerating what you offer. Since content is interchangeable, if you feel something does not work, you can replace it or move your optimization towards others.

You can always upload new content, and do video blogs about news events related to your business. If you are a green or eco minded business, you can upload a quick commentary of your opinion on a certain issue or problem. The most organic traffic to be had is if you provide a solution to a problem in a video. Whether or not it is lawn care, beer brewing, preventing using too much water, or weatherizing a home, when a customer sees the process being performed on video, all of a sudden they get a sense of faith in you.

If you have someone just average looking and not a movie star, perhaps all the better; the trust building will attract buyers with stability. You can use video editing software that comes with Windows and Mac platforms to juice up your video as well. A good rule of thumb is that if you see a really amazing effect or video edit, use it just once in your video. Having something become translucent, very colorful or futuristic looking can boost the allure; but sticking with basic dissolves and fading up from black is still king as long as your content delivers a good message.

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