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Promoting Happy Hours with Video Marketing

Happy hours have been a staple of nightclubs and bars worldwide, allowing drinking establishments to boost their revenue streams during slow hours. 

However, they also attract new customers and ignite interest in a particular business. With our lives gradually returning to the pre-lockdown normal, nightlife establishments are looking to rekindle their business using happy hour promotions.

You can do the same for your establishment by using video marketing to advertise your happy hour offer.

Video Marketing Steps For Happy Hours

Now that you know how advantageous happy hours can be, you might wonder how you can successfully advertise them. You have to execute this flawlessly to ensure you attract customers non-stop. 

Video marketing is the best medium to put your promotion out there. It allows you to stand out from your competitors and directly reach consumers. Follow these steps to effectively market your business’s happy hour specials using video ads.

Step 1: Create Promotional Videos

First, create advertisements informing viewers about your business and details about your happy hour services (location, time, discount, etc.). You can supplement this video with additional ones that include customer testimonials and footage from your business.

Make sure this video marketing is attractive, aesthetically pleasing, and in sync with your brand and design trends. You can use professional video ad templates available online to take the guesswork out of design. 

You might also want to consider making multiple versions of the same video marketing, edited to play to the strengths of different social media platforms. For instance, edit your video to make it shorter and to the point for Twitter, coupling it with trendy hashtags. In contrast, you should adjust your video marketing for silent auto-play for Instagram or Facebook since consumers are likely to view it mid-scrolling.

Step 2: Upload Online

Once you have created a promotional video, it is time to upload it to a video marketing hosting platform. Make sure you have an eye-catching thumbnail ready, too, as videos lacking any seem unprofessional.

Naturally, the most popular choice is YouTube. The video marketing platform has millions of visitors, and with video SEO, you can attract a large chunk of them to your channel. 

Other options include Vimeo, known for its high-quality videos and ad-free services. Similarly, Vidyard allows you to upload and update your video advertisements on all your social media and video marketing platforms from its central location – making it perfect for businesses. Therefore, select a hosting platform wisely.

Step 3: Post On Social Media

Once your promotional video is on a platform, it is time to enhance its digital reach. Use your business’s social media handles to share it alongside an attractive caption to catch audiences’ interest. 

Once you’ve uploaded them as posts, stay engaged with your audiences, by replying to comments. This way, you can engage, retain, and encourage audiences to share your video.

What Types Of Videos Should You Create?

Make sure your videos are: 

  • Short but informative
  • Not too promotional
  • Exciting and full of narrative that leaves an impression 
  • Includes branding cues that are personal to your business and your business alone

We suggest you start with:

Social Videos 

Consider creating social media posts and videos showing off your bar, the different drinks you make, and perhaps even some bartending tricks—everyone loves those! 

The best part about social videos is that they can generate massive engagement. Thus, by uploading promotional videos on your social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, you’ll get your audience to share, like, and comment on these videos.

According to some statistics, Facebook experiences an average of 4 billion video views every day. Since social media platforms are excellent tools for boosting brand awareness, more people get to know about your happy hour and your bar in general. 

Explainer Videos

One thing that most marketers can agree on is this: connecting with an audience is tough! Thus, when you set out promoting your bar’s happy hour, it’s best to put out a video explaining the days and times your happy hour deals are available. 

Not only can you use these short video marketing to promote your happy hour, but also your business in general. Be sure to highlight the unique selling points (USPs) of the happy hour and why it’s the best. 

Wrapping Up

The restaurant, bar, and nightclub industry is highly competitive. Bars go stale or other, and trendier joints prop up all the time, making it a constant challenge for marketers to keep the footfall up and the booze flowing. 

To ensure that your bar or pub remains the hottest place to socialize after business hours or on the weekend,  amp up your video marketing efforts. This should help keep your place abuzz with locals and tourists alike.

If creating bar and restaurant marketing videos still feels daunting to you, start small. Take a look around you to find props and ideas to use in these promotional videos. Interview staff, explore menu items, and do all you can to capture the ambiance of your happy hour, enticing viewers to come in and experience it for themselves. 

You got this!

Keetria is an entrepreneur, wellness advocate, and brand strategy coach for creatives & entrepreneurs with 16 years of public relations expertise working with some of the world’s leading brands, startups, media personalities, and entertainers. If you would like to work together, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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