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Marketing Issues + the Current Climate: Finding a Product to Push in a Down Economy

There comes a period in everyone’s lives when they wish they could pursue on their own; and be their own boss. The key to really attaining this can also be doing it part time while still having steady income, as the most successful know. But many newcomers to internet marketing get frustrated when they realize a certain few people have made it really big in the products they push; and then some very smart and gifted folks are stuck spinning their wheels because they couldn’t get advertising capital, partners, or both.

Welcome to the new climate; sometimes logic is all but gone, and those who claim to guarantee they know what works may fall short. What we do know from research and simple gleaning on the web for info is that some of what is up right now are necessities; or things people can do without. The other things that are performing well are things that people CAN live without but won’t.

Well, everyone knows hospitals and healthcare will always be there, but with the addition of many third party vendors on the scene lately, it is VERY hard to march in as a little guy and just make a profit. Of course we always recommend Smart phone app designers look into any kind of app that streamlines the admission, testing, or recovery process. There is competition out there, but research could benefit you before pouncing.

There are folks in cities like San Francisco who have made huge profits from emergency nurse staffing. These ideas are still thriving and generating revenue; but you may want to look at someone successful and how you can help them instead of starting your own company. These things take hours of research, and you start swimming in the spam pile of emails hoping to be noticed. As the economy in Europe is getting worse and the global alarms are still not off, necessity seems to be key. If you are presented with an inheritance, some spare money, or anything of the like, no matter what anyone tells you, BEWARE THE STOCK MARKET.

Yes, there are brash folks who seem to know it all and are making gains out there right now. And no, they are not “lying” or “wrong”. We won’t get into specific companies, safe havens, and where to take your money (in this article) but even the emerging markets are risky. 3-D printing is kind of big right now and there were some minor gains in the market recently, but with political fallout and uncertainty with gun laws, be careful. Airlines: they are all going to be merging even more in the near future and could remain bullish.

Yes, profits are at a record high for some but beware being the investor, we urge you. The overall apartment rental market: qualifies as a necessity. Buying apartment buildings for rent has still made many rich. What you need to consider is that sometimes all of a sudden if a tenant does stop paying, it could be expensive to evict them and you will lose two months income. There is an element of gambling here because good people still lose their jobs.

If you are looking at rental properties for gain, really take into account the location. Another thing to work into the formula is if you are looking at issues like Section 8, Federally or State granted programs etc; Carefully research whether or not you think that funding for these programs will be cut in your specific area. One issue with rental properties is that you can start to spend your profit quickly, being willing to be in the red but quietly celebrating all of your tenants paying on time for three months, “The economy must have really recovered” you tell yourself; and then all of a sudden, every water heater goes out in the building. OOPS. Try your hardest not to spend your way out of the red, and not having disaster cash.

The most successful rental property owners have very, very competent folks managing their properties who can deal with anything at the drop of a hat, including disputes over parking, zoning, partying, and maintenance. Maintenance is the key issue that kills many rental owners just getting started. They never had a chance; because the first three properties they bought all got flooded, had water heaters and furnaces go out in the first three months. This is not pretty when it happens to you!

We will look into rental properties in depth in the near future. Remember that a lot of good people got foreclosed on the last 6 years, and still need places to rent. The problem herein is that all it takes is a new pattern of people shorting you here and there for a month and you can be doomed, especially if it just a six plex or less. The main thing we will urge you to look at is not Ebay, not Etsy, even though we will look into Etsy in depth in the future because it is still viable. Hours of research have shown us that the wedding market and pet care markets are the fastest to jump right into in your city and make a profit. There are still many hurdles, and you have to stand up to competition. If you are a photographer, get on Craigslist and offer a few free shoots and then build up from there.

If you want to get into wedding photography, start charging more all of a sudden. You need to be VERY FIRM about rates. Giving someone a discount even if you really need the work could be seen as a sign of weakness; and you do not want that. People are making a lot of money with pet products. Some of the biggest successes are those who think small and market little dollar toys and treats. Shampoos, treatments, collars, they are all fair game.

Yes, you need capital. Yes, you will need to advertise and get some very hip content on your blog or website to drive traffic. Yes, some people will waste your time, be all over your webpage, and then not even buy. But the same things happened to many other services in the past. Personal trainers and wedding planners, although they may not become extremely wealthy, are some of the fastest growing professions out there.

The valuable asset here is that it is steady, and people WILL write you the check when it comes time. We will talk about good billing methods, Paypal, and smartphone card readers soon. For now… research what is selling and what isn’t. Realize that the things with the most bells and whistles, or luxury items; can be risky. Stick with necessity on your brainstorming of marketing ideas, and next time we will show you a few moral lessons from some current films.

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