Great Brand Awareness Compels Consumer Spending

What we saw today with Apple’s iPhone 5 launch is proof that brand awareness is the key component to a successful brand. Noticed I mentioned great in this blog title due to the simple fact that all brands are not created equal and some brands are miles away from connecting with a consumer who is interested in their product.

Can you name at least five other brands that have had people camped outside their stores awaiting their product days in advance? I’d have to think a minute but I’m willing to bet, aside from the retail stores which really don’t count there’s not many to name.

Great brand awareness starts with introducing a product or service that invokes thought or feeling. It puts the consumer in a certain mood. And when their happy about what they’ve purchased it avails the opportunity to further sell other products and services. I believe it’s easier to upsell an existing customer than it is to sell to a new customer. Mainly due to the existing relationship you have which favors a more inviting opportunity to babble about other things you’re able to offer.

It’s not like anyone is surprised at Apple’s success with the iPhone 5 when you take into account their track record. However, there’s always something to take away from their Launch events.

The biggest branding lessons I’ve captured from Apple are:

1. Make a personal connection with the consumer. Identify how you can make their experiences better in your industry/field. It’s better to make a personal connection than treating them as receipt numbers. By the way, did you notice how happy those people were when they finally got their iPhone 5?

2. Forget the competition. As Apple continues to dominate Samsung it’s evident Samsung’s market share doesn’t effect Apple. They still have the upper hand. They follow their own blueprint. They run their own playbook. Sure, competition will come out of the woodwork but without your execution, they can forget it!

3. Go with what you know. Instead of trying to be everything to everyone stick with what works or has worked for you. Wearing too many hats confuses people and distracts from what you’re truly best at. Apple’s focus is technology-based and they’ve proved its what they’re best out. Not sure how I’d feel about Apple Clothing!? Naahh.

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