Facebook; Using the Social Media Application to Engage Current + Future Clients


Why Facebook

There’s tons of buzz about Twitter, Pinterest, and even using apps like Instagram to promote your business and engage current or future clients. Twitter is growing by the day, and many celebs have already unofficially made the move to it as the preferred way to blast their opinion, or current happenings.

The reason why we’re going to focus on Facebook in this article is that while changing every day; it is still one of the “go to” or iconic hotspots in the social media industry, the one that supposedly “almost everyone” is a member of. Also, with Facebook, business pages upload photos very easily, and video as well. If you choose to allow comments, your friends and customers talk about what they like, what they may buy, and the points of interest of your products.

Get in the Game

I recently spoke with someone who was hesitant to put his business on Facebook because he was looking at the TV channel “AMC”, who has a very prominent Facebook and social media presence.

While looking at the page, he saw a lot of negative feedback. There were fans and other people commenting on posts very negatively, things like, “We don’t give a crap about Mad Men, only Breaking Bad!” Or: “It really sucks that you guys have so many commercials now instead of content!” Let’s look at a few things. AMC, whether you love or hate them, has plenty of content. Trust us. They do. They put money into it, they shoot it, produce it, and it is above average. If a few folks make bad comments, it does not matter. They will be buried soon by other comments and frankly, life goes on with your startup or business.

This individual was afraid to put his business on Facebook because he didn’t have the time to field negative comments and the like such as “Used your business, didn’t do anything for me”. Well, revolutionary brands like Sony and Verizon have had people complaining about them, but they still need an online presence and generate tons of revenue. DO NOT worry about petty folks who comment all day and try to drag you down.

Whatever product or service you’re marketing, eventually as long as you do not have a home office in a dank dungeon and provide some form of reliable craft, these things really do iron themselves out. A lot of business owners are hesitant to get on Facebook because they picture it as just gossip; things they do not care about being updated in the news feed. Sometimes when you are using Facebook to engage clients, it is hard to track the results. Let’s say you run a pet grooming business.

Ideas for Utilizing Facebook

So every third or fourth day, you run pictures of cute pets, and different tips on how to groom them, even at home. You slowly add suggestive advertising, like the fact that your store is running a special or has a great new certified employee. The thing about Facebook is that yes, you have your business phone number on the page and some customers will call directly from that, but otherwise you are passively AND actively marketing at the same time.

That is, you may not know when your business picks up directly because of your Facebook activity; you may not know if a cute picture of pet or relevant post about grooming got them to call. But, since for now, Facebook is free to join, it is imperative to have a business page, add friends, post videos, and reach out in general.

Tips for Facebook

The purveying fear about joining Facebook as a business is some people won’t like your giveaways, sponsors, announcements, and everything that avenue entails. It really will be ok.. you almost have to face the fear of negative publicity, as much as it may remind you of celebrity train wrecks and the like. With Facebook, if you choose you can disable comments, when a storm comes with negativity, you can get back on track quickly. For something like a photography business, Facebook rules.

You can post video, pics, opinions, quickly and it shows up in end user’s news feeds. And that’s the most important quality of Facebook, when someone “Likes” something or posts a response, it shows up in others newsfeeds, directly to their smartphone. We will look at tweeting and others soon…but Facebook is not going anywhere. Keep your business page separate from your personal, and prosper. Well, we know Spock said something like that, but we really do mean it.

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