Brand Building, A Motivational Outlook


I’ve come to the conclusion that what’s good for the goose isn’t necessarily as good for the gander. In an ever-changing world full of uncertainty and evolution, the one-size fits all theory, simply doesn’t exist. And yet, you can apply the same concepts and ideas as the next person however, it’s the individuality behind that idea that ultimately prevails. I just recently had a conversation with a great friend of mine who insisted, “no one can do it like you do it,” and this is especially true. And the same phrase needs to auto repeat in your mind when brand building. Yes, the competition is always fierce and will stay that way but a couple things to remember: 1. be unique, the competition is not you (vice versa) 2. the competition doesn’t have your game plan, strategies, capabilities, connections or drive. So forget playing the comparison game and continue right along. In the end, the sole purpose of building a brand is to stand somewhere away from those areas already flooded with the same type of people, and their ideas.

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