Holiday Gifts Freelancers Will Surely Love

6 Holiday Gifts Freelancers Will Surely Love

‘Tis the season to shop for gifts, and if you happen to have a freelancer on your list, you might need a little spark of imagination when choosing a gift. Freelancers are a special breed. They’re resilient, eccentric, and independent and they deserve something truly unique. We’ve rounded up some gifts that are guaranteed to please:

For the freelancer who lives on coffee: The self-heating coffee mug

For freelancers, coffee is life. And what better gift to give than a coffee mug that keeps coffee perfectly hot? The Ember Ceramic Mug’s smart technology enhances the flavor of coffee by automatically choosing the best temperature for the coffee. It can also adjust its temperature according to the user’s preference to keep beverages at the ideal temperature.

For the freelancer who never bothers to change clothes: The “I woke up like this” sweater

For a freelancer, working from home can a blessing and a curse. They can work on their beds, in their pajamas or bathrobes. They can go on for days without a shower because frankly, no one really cares if they don’t. For the bleary-eyed, sleep-deprived freelancer who hardly changes his clothes, this gift pretty much says it all.

For the freelancer who is the best multitasker: The multitasking watch

Freelancers are great multitaskers. They could be juggling multiple projects while doing laundry and surfing the net. Managing multiple projects and deadlines can be stressful that’s why they need a watch that works as hard as them.

For the freelancer who needs to save: The modern piggy bank

Things can be volatile for freelancers. There are peak seasons and slow seasons. One day, they’re turning away projects because they’re swamped. The next month, there’s no new work. The best gift for them is a modern piggy bank where can save and withdraw money.

For the freelancer who always falls asleep in front of the computer: The weird head pillow

Most freelancers are sleep-deprived, and others have strange sleeping habits, like napping in front of their computer. For the freelancer who’d rather sleep on his desk than his bed, the perfect gift would be the Ostrich Pillow. It will conveniently block the light out and has pockets for easier napping on the desk.

For the freelancer who loves to procrastinate: The procrastinator t-shirt

There are many reasons why freelancers are prone to procrastination. One, the freelancer dreads doing the project. Two, there’s still plenty of time to do the project. And three, the freelancer is lazy. For the dude who lives to procrastinate, this t-shirt is for him.

For the freelancer who loves to put his feet up while working: The feet hammock

The feet hammock is the perfect gift for the easygoing freelancer who works better and faster with his feet up. The feet hammock is easy to install and can be adjusted to the desired height of the user.

Do you have other gifts in mind? Share them by commenting below.

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