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Best Entrepreneurial-based Books Hitting the Shelves this Spring

The notion of building wealth and becoming prosperous is not a strange desire; many have dreamed of this for ages, since money is one of the factor’s that ultimately gives us freedom. Many of the best books of the last five years have talked about social media marketing, how to allocate wealth once you have it, and the art of public speaking.

This year is going to be a big year in the entrepreneurial space: the popularity and usefulness of drones is rising, web commerce is still driving a lot of traffic, and people are really starting to travel again. Here are some great picks for the year ahead, as the entrepreneur in you will be encouraged by curling up with a great read.

The Startup Playbook: Secrets of the Fastest-Growing Startups from Their Founding Entrepreneurs, by David Kidder

Just 5 years ago, more than 550,000 businesses were concocted just within the borders of the United States, all hoping to become financially stable for life. This New York Times bestselling author and expert on the current economic climate shares experiences from some of the globe’s most successful entrepreneurs and startup players; picking the brains of those you want the most advice from.

He goes very deep into his duty, and here you can glean information about how companies such as Paypal, LinkedIn, Ted, Flickr, and many others became a common name instead of just a pipe dream.
Selecting a successful business model, finding funding for your venture, and dealing with hurdles you may encounter along the way are all some of the topics covered in this book that we conclude are one of the most valuable of the decade! We know it wasn’t written this year, but it is a drop-dead contender.

Mad Genius: A Manifesto for Entrepreneurs, by Randy Gage

One of the reasons we deem this one so important is that it shows us how conventional business thinking is not always cutting it in the market these days and talks about the candid reasons why. This book really goes deep into what it takes to change the culture to get results in the business world, and even change what is taught in the educational institutions about an entrepreneur’s mindset.

Whether you want to have an excellent product for sale, gain inspiration for your own call to action, or need pointers on never settling for the second best, there are tons of valuable tips and ideas here for you. This is one author that recognizes the difference between the entitlement mindset and sitting down and actually getting something done, and he has inspired many to think big worldwide.

Wouldn’t you be thrilled to be sitting in the driver’s seat of an incredibly awesome business idea at the start of 2017?

The Conquer Kit: A Creative Business Planner for Women Entrepreneurs, by Natalie MacNeil

The best thing about this work and the reason it really caught our eye, is that it’s very interactive! The open invitation to doodle, sketch and record what you are seeing in your mind’s eye in many ways is one of the best things about this book.

It seems like a simple notion that you may sometimes overlook, but when you are reading other great books about how to get a killer startup up and running if you don’t choose to write things down, you may completely lose them in the most crucial moment!

Finding the perfect name, the right kind of legal status, constructing your team, and fully bringing the business to life are the 4 crucial components of business strategy covered here. AND: it’s exciting that it’s geared towards women, the innovators that will continue to shake up and define the world in 2016!!

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