The Introduction – Part 3 “Courage Is A Muscle: Embrace Uncertainty”

Here’s my first tip: uncertainty is part of the growing and learning process. Courage, on the other hand, is the quality of facing such uncertainty and finding the strength to continue. While it may seem like starting a new venture is a lofty goal and completely out of reach, this is actually the perfect time to become your own boss. All you need is a little attitude adjustment – to grasp the importance of perseverance, positivity, and courage.

I don’t know if I’d be where I am today if I’d played it safe and stuck with a traditional career. Even when I was flipping burgers or serving as the office secretary for a furniture company, in the back of mind I always knew there was something for me beyond grueling, minimum-wage drudgery. Although I didn’t have a clue about my purpose or what was in store, my heart was always telling me it was possible for me to achieve something by running my own business.

The thing is, I was good at my jobs in customer service, and that was exactly what made me believe I could do more. I was limited by the chain of command, however, and although I didn’t know what “more” meant, eventually the time came when I just had to take the leap of faith. When I finally decided to fully ditch traditional employment around 2009, I quickly went from store clerk and aspiring entrepreneur to successful entrepreneur and business owner.

I don’t mean to say you should ignore uncertainty altogether, but you should definitely question its source and whether you want to give it more power than it deserves. More often than not, the uncertainty you hear in the back of your mind is the voice of someone else or even a more fearful, younger version of yourself. Instead, learn to be guided by sheer determination and faith, regardless of the cruel, everyday reminders of what’s practical or acceptable.

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