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5 Desk Items to Keep You Motivated All Day Long

5 Desk Items

When you’re at work, it can be hard to be motivated. You stare at a computer screen all day long, pick up the same phone over and over and you don’t have a lot of room to be creative unless you’re working from home. The default uniform for cubicles can be depressing, especially when you’re staring at the same dividers and walls over and over again, day in and day out.

Thankfully most places of business allow employees to have a little sense of self in their workspace, and if you work from home then you’re the boss – you get to put whatever you want in your office, no questions asked. Because you have this sense of freedom, it’s up to you to make your workspace more motivational.

We’ve all seen those little motivational posters and buzzword stickers people put on the walls, but really – are you trying to be motivated or cheesy? Motivation comes from something meaningful and personal, and these 5 motivational items can keep you going all day long, even when it’s a rough one.

Favorite Animal Accessories

Okay, so a little cheese is alright. The companion of an animal is something that most of the world enjoys, so why not bring that cheer into your office surroundings? If you’re the crazy cat lady at home, why not be one at work, too? This doesn’t even have to apply to animals that are typical household pets. If you like sharks or sloths, why not go for that kind of theme too?

The point is to surround yourself with something that makes you happy in a tangible way. Animals are creatures that you can experience, and this can motivate you to work – whether it’s coming home to pet your own kitties or swimming with the sharks on your next vacation.

Photo Stickers

It can be hard to stay motivated with a family portrait that’s too large to bring to work or that can’t be in your line of sight while you’re typing. Something that’s motivational should always be at eye level and something you see or use almost constantly. Splurge on a website that can create stickers out of your photos, and then stick them to useable items that are closer to you.

Money Jar

Why else are you working if not to make more money? Seeing a visual representation of your savings, even if it’s just spare pocket change, can give you an added motivation boost. Bring your spare change to work every day and deposit in your makeshift piggy bank. You’ll feel more productive and driven every time you sit down.

Prompt Books or Calendars

Books like “Wreck This Journal” provide readers with instructions on how they should complete the task at hand – wrecking the journal. These prompts are meant to inspire creativity, and more adult products like those from Listography help capture the same sense of productivity and task-fulfillment. Find something in this same vein and fill out on page or complete one task every day at work.

A Home Keepsake

Sometimes you really just want to throw in the towel and go home, but you’re a responsible adult with bills to pay so you don’t. Still, if you want to keep these feelings at bay, your best bet is to bring your home to work instead. Even a small knick knack that can keep you grounded can really do the trick.