Small Business Apps

Small Business App Productivity Alert: HanDbase


This is one app that is truly a “go to for all types of business tasks” app with tons of functionality and practical use rolled into it. It has been used by many for patient tracking and development, project management, time and billing, and field surveys for those laying down the perfect structure and development. This is basically THE database app to have, with many variations and excellent features in its arsenal. We’ve heard that simply running reports on this baby is a process that can take you to the next level in productivity standalone.

Ultra-Productive Bookmarking App: Pocket


Pocket was called by Cnet a great bookmarking tool that the website also ranked with 5 stars. Whether what you store is from Twitter, newspapers, or any other medium, it saves it and organizes it for later viewing, even if you have no internet connection at the time. Devices like Kindles are great for this; you’re not constantly typing in URLs and re-browsing through your tracks. Check out the video below to see how Pocket can help you save time.