Public Speaking

Best Online Resources for Aspiring Public Speakers

Being a public speaker can be much more than just a hobby, a side hustle or something you do to further your business image. Many people make a career of it, speaking at various venues around the country and even around the world. While confidence in public speaking comes naturally to some, there’s still a lot of skill involved in giving public talks. If you want to improve your public speaking skills, there are some fantastic resources that you can learn from. Here are some of the best online resources you can enjoy if you want to become an incredible public speaker.

TED Talks

TED talks are not just interesting, they’re also great resources for learning about public speaking. Watching TED talks on any topic that interests you gives you a chance to watch how some of the best public speakers do it. There are also plenty of talks that focus on public speaking or related topics. Some of the highlights you might want to watch include ‘TED’s secret to great public speaking’, ‘How to speak so that people want to listen’ by Julian Treasure, Amy Cuddy’s ‘Your body language may shape who you are’, and ‘How I beat stage fright’ by Joe Kowan.

Toastmasters International

Toastmasters is a huge public speaking group, which has hundreds of thousands of members around the world. The Toastmasters International online resources are helpful for anyone looking for tips on public speaking. They have lots of articles you can read that cover plenty of topics with practical advice. Of course, you can also join a Toastmasters group if you have a local chapter. You can learn from other members and, of course, by getting up and giving some talks yourself. There are more than 15,000 clubs across 135 countries, so you can probably find one that works for you.

National Speakers Association

The National Speakers Association offers resources for professional speakers – and aspiring professional speakers too. Their website features some handy resources and a calendar of events. By joining the NSA, you get a host of benefits, such as virtual courses, community access, Speaker magazine, and plenty of tools and resources. You can also earn a Certified Speaking Professional designation if you want to prove that you’re an expert in public speaking.

Executive Speech Coach Blog By Patricia Fripp

There is a huge number of blogs covering the topic of public speaking. Patricia Fripp’s is one of the best resources available. Her blog covers a range of topics, many of which relate to doing better business. For example, a recent post covers how to sound intelligent in a speech or sales presentation. Many posts are accompanied by videos, which gives you a more visual way to learn more about doing well in speaking engagements. She also has a brother – Robert Fripp – who is not only a professional guitarist but also a public speaker.

Become an expert public speaker with these resources and start building your public profile. Of course, you also need to make sure that you have something to say.