Marketing Books

Great books for Marketers 2014: “Inbound Marketing; Get Found using Google, Social Media, and Blogs”


This awesome book by Dharmesh Shah really nails down well the principle that reeling your customer IN instead of wasting so much effort putting together a message to push OUT is the way to go in this economy where technological awe is the norm. Improving your rankings in Google, getting more traffic with your own or outsourced writing, and using social media sites like Twitter and Pinterest are going to be mandatory skills forever now. The rules have changed so much that most businesses who don’t follow them will be lost trying the old fashioned, outbound methods. This book on getting found will fast forward you to productivity and show you the ropes on ways to get customers to find your products that are truly revolutionary.

Marketer’s Top Reads: Content Rules


This is a book that really does its job well of telling marketers how to create stories, blogs, videos, and content that people are curious about and want more of. Content Rules: How to create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Webinars, (and more) that Engage Customers and Ignite your Business is the title of this great resource. Authors Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman use examples of companies that have practiced what they’re is preaching, which gives the reader a sense of what they can accomplish if they use these tactics. Podcasting in particular is really gaining in popularity, and is a great avenue for heightening interest on the web.

Raise the Bar; an Action-based Method for Maximum Customer Reactions


The new book Raise the Bar; an Action-based Method for Maximum Customer Reactions is by Jon Taffer, who prevents many businesses from eroding into dust with his skill set. On Spike TV’s “Bar Rescue”, he shares his wealth with bar owners who desperately need one last chance to succeed. With theories based on the notion that you can always control your customer’s reaction and make them really buzz about your business, many owners way beyond the restaurant realm will want to crack this for some excellent pointers. There’s nothing more exciting than finding the book that pushes your business above the rest.