4 Must-See Documentaries That Encourage Women Entrepreneurs

If you’re looking for some inspiration and motivation to help you become the next successful female entrepreneur, sometimes it’s sensible to check out some of the best books and films on the subject. Today, this post is going to focus on four top documentaries that all soon-to-be female entrepreneurs should watch this year. You can find these productions online by searching Google. Some are available on YouTube, and you’ll need to use streaming services like Netflix for others. If you manage to watch all these documentaries, there is a reasonable chance you will learn a lot about what it takes to become successful in the business world.

1 – TED Talks: Life Hacks

There are some fantastic and insightful TED Talks available on YouTube and Netflix right now, but none of them are more suitable for the budding female entrepreneur than Life Hacks. Presented by psychologist Amy Cuddy, the talk offers a research-backed approach to boosting productivity and achieving success. You’re sure to learn lots of tips and tricks that will assist you in making a killing in the business world.

2 – Joan Rivers – A Piece of Work

Most people know Joan Rivers because of her TV work. However, she was also one of the most astute females in the business world for many years. A Piece of Work is available to watch on the Netflix streaming service, and it reveals all the highs and lows of the superstar’s exciting career. What does it take to stay on top when you reach maximum success? Joan Rivers is the perfect person to investigate if you want to answer that question.

3 – Print the Legend

Print the Legend takes a look at the use of 3D printing and how it is making millionaires out of smart entrepreneurs who take a leap of faith and join the industry. The documentary offers an intriguing insight into the use of new technologies in the business world and how they make it from the drawing board to the final product. If you like the idea of making your living from the tech industry, this is a must-see documentary that you shouldn’t overlook.

4 – Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price

Everyone knows that Walmart is one of the most successful low-price stores in the US and around the world. The High Cost of Low Price takes a look at some of the harmful business practices used by firms to ensure they remain competitive and stay ahead of their competition. If you plan to become a successful female entrepreneur during the next few years, this documentary will show you how not to approach your business. It will also give you some excellent ideas. Sure, cutting corners will increase profits, but as you will learn, there are lots of adverse consequences to consider.

If you get some spare time during the next couple of weeks, find a quiet space, make some coffee, and relax for a few hours while you watch the documentaries recommended in this post. With a bit of luck, you will learn a lot of things that you can apply to your strategy when you finally get around to launching your next venture. Enjoy!