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NEW! SOB Episode: Talking About Retirement with Author PNT GVN


In this 45th episode of SOB: Style of Business podcast, the host Keetria has a discussion about retirement with author and writer PNT GVN. He introduces his concept of beating your parents to retirement, how he arrived at this notion, and developed it into his book “How Millennials Will Beat Their Parents to Retirement.”

Show Notes:

  • Kevin aka PNT GVN is a mortgage sales coach and a corporate trainer, but has always been a writer.
  • PNT GVN’s book is called “How Millennials Will Beat Their Parents to Retirement.”
  • PNT GVN’s book began from owning a house and thinking about selling it to take a few years off.
  • The European concept of taking breaks is more plentiful than in the United States.
  • Ask questions of people that have the life you want.
  • Retirement should be more flexible and happen earlier in life instead at the end.
  • Chapter 5: “What’s Your Number” deals with the ways to get to your financial retirement goals.
  • Home ownership and budgeting helps you make more money while still making the same money.
  • Talk to financial advisors.
  • Get excited about beating your parents to retirement.


3 Key Points:

  1. The retirement cycle has remained the same: work for 40 years, 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year until you get old.
  2. In France you either take the entire month of July or August off, while the average in the USA is 10 days off a year.
  1. The biggest misconception about retirement is that it has to come towards the end of your life.

Tweetable Quotes:

–   “Every single day I’m either advising people what to do with their money or I’m teaching a younger group of people just coming into the workforce..” – PNT GVN.

–   “You basically work for 40 years. You work 40 hours a week. You work 52 weeks a year, and then when you get old, then you get to retire…hopefully.” – PNT GVN.

–   “I want a real break…not a weekend.” – PNT GVN.


Resources Mentioned:

  • Style of Business – Website for Style of Business
  • Facebook – Keetria’s Facebook
  • Twitter – Keetria’s Twitter
  • Amazon – PNT GVN’s book “How Millennials Will Beat Their Parents to Retirement.”

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