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NEW! SOB Episode: Felicia Fort – Founder/Visionary of One Step Closer Foundation

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Episode 26


In this episode, Keetria interviews Felicia Fort of One Step Closer Foundation, a Washington DC-based organization that provides Math tutors, funding for high school students and promotes STEM careers. Learn about Felicia’s passion for teaching Math to everyone—from little kids to 70 year olds. She delves into the importance of mentorship for one’s success and explains the value of the three-way triangle of parents, students, and mentors. Tune-in to learn more about this entrepreneur and some tricks and tricks to run a one-person business.

Show Notes:

  • Felicia is the founder of One Step Closer Foundation
    • Provides trained Math tutors, funded high school students and promotes STEM careers
    • Quotes Rita Pierson who said, “Every child deserves a CHAMPION”
  • The origins of One Step Closer
    • This five-year-old foundation started with the intention of helping individuals hone their Math skills
    • Created a 501© non-profit
    • Offers different programs such as the College Care Program, Summer Externship Program, Ford Scholarship Program and college tours
    • Aims to bring people “one step closer” to their goal of mastering Math
    • Works with everyone—from little kids to 70 year olds!
    • Tailors Math activities to suit an individual’s interest
  • Felicia shares details about her book, The Mentor Model, where she intertwines the business model
  • How she got into mentorship
    • Volunteered with mentoring organizations while in college
    • Was not keen on being a teacher
    • Joined a mentoring organization while in DC
    • Found the three-way triangle between a student, mentor and parents as being really beneficial
  • You can find a mentor through a formal or informal arrangement
    • In a formal setting, a mentor is first vetted through the organization
    • Important for a mentor to be available and knowledgeable
    • Started when she was in her Master’s program
    • Important to monetize time as a one-person show
  • Enjoys the uncertain nature of entrepreneurship
  • Does not give up on a problem and keeps on trying to solve it; this serves as an inspiration to her students
  • Recommended Business Book: What Color Is Your Parachute? 2015: A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers and Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In
  • Social media has helped in connecting with students and generate referral requests
  • RECOMMENDS getting a mentor; advisable to connect with someone outside of your biological family
  • There are 24 hours in a day; do not let these hours go by without doing something that you put your whole HEART into
  • Firmly BELIEVING in your product will attract people
  • Mentorship is free whereas you need to pay for a coach
  • You can be successful as an entrepreneur even if you do not have a team backing you
  • Felicia has a mentor-mentee brunch coming up on Saturday, December 2
  • Connect with Felicia on Instagram, Twitter or through her website
  • Connect with Keetria through her website or Twitter

3 Key Points:

  1. Get a mentor who is knowledgeable, available and outside of your biological family.
  2. There are 24 hours in a day; do not let these hours go by without doing something that you put your HEART into.
  3. Firmly BELIEVING in your product will attract people


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