Music Streaming Just Got More Interesting with Beammob

When self-taught mobile and web developer Randell Escoth left a promising career in the financial sector before jumping into software development, he had no idea that he’d go from making beats and producing music to creating a game-changing platform. The creator of the new music streaming platform and community Beammob, Randell was driven to create an interactive hub for artists and fans to enjoy and engage with music without having to worry about tricky streaming functionalities, unfair pricing & compensation models, or messy music distribution concerns.

Beammob is the premiere playlist interaction platform that allows music creators and artists to interact directly with their audience of fans. What’s even more exciting is Beammob not only allows fans to create playlists of their favorite artists’ songs but they can also customize them or simply get paid just for being a fan. 

“The major big draw for fans is the ability to customize their favorite artists’ songs on the fly and by doing so gain self-recognition and get a piece of some of the profits if you take up the role as the number one fan/owner.”

In essence, Beammob works like this It gives fans the power to be instant DJs by creating simple sound drops in realtime and offers payout incentives for both artists and fans. 

Beammob is unlike any other music streaming platform. While joining the Beammob community as a fan is free, music creators and artists are by invite only. Music creators and artists interested in having their music added to Beammob can request an invite at

I asked Randell his thoughts on the evolution of entrepreneurship and what he enjoys most about his journey:

“Straight up, I stopped trying to save the world. The majority of my past products that were semi-successful centered around me trying to make the world a better place first and then seeing how I can profit from that. This product, much like my early iOS apps, focused on me having fun, challenging myself, and letting profit and other perks be the byproduct of that. I now frequently ask myself “what is it I really want,” “what is the true result that I’m looking for” and I start there.”

I know exactly where he’s coming from. Entrepreneurship certainly has its ebbs and flows. However, there’s always something magical going on in the creation process that balances out and things just flow. I asked his favorite part of the creation process:

“Definitely learning more about programming and libraries were my favorite parts. I often worked on Beammob after I finished all my other tasks for the day. There was a reason for that. Even eating had to be prioritized because once I sat down with Beammob the day was done. I wasn’t getting up to do anything even to use the restroom.”

During the creation of Beammob Randell faced several challenges such as knowledge gaps in the programming language, figuring out the math behind the payouts, contracting honest developers, and overall product functionality but things eventually panned out. 

On the flip side of those challenges, he wound up with the finished product. Thankfully, he didn’t waiver and now, we can all “listen different” with Beammob. In the spirit of entrepreneurship he offers these words to those headed down the entrepreneurial path:

“If you are an aspiring entrepreneur seeking encouragement I bet you have already found your inspiration on YT, IG, or another social platform just like I did. From there you can borrow my personal mantra which is, “Give God Something To Work With.” Don’t stand there with your cup empty and arms stretched out. You can, at very least, pour yourself some water. And as you know, he turns water into wine.”

Music lovers can signup to the new platform at  Connect on social: Twitter, IG and Facebook.

Keetria is an entrepreneur, wellness advocate, and brand strategy coach for creatives & entrepreneurs with 16 years of public relations expertise working with some of the world’s leading brands, startups, media personalities, and entertainers. If you would like to work together, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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