Finance and Fitness: Getting in Shape Without Breaking the Bank

There is a common misconception that you need to buy, buy, buy to stay in shape. The media helps to perpetuate this with hundreds of ads touting products that keep track of weight loss, help you lose weight or help you exercise. From nutrition shakes, step counters, high tech running gear and the newest pair of Nikes, paying for all of this equipment can really add up.

The problem is that advertisers do this for a reason. They know that so many people, women especially, desperately want to lose weight.  If they think something will help them shed those pounds in an easier way, they’ll go for it. If these same people opened their eyes and realized if they put in as much effort to becoming healthier as they did spending money on gadgets that only sometimes work, they may actually get somewhere.

The long story short is that you don’t have to spend tons of cash on getting fitter. All you need is the willingness to get fit and the ability to put in the effort needed to make your dreams a reality.

Gym Memberships

A gym membership is in no way the only way to exercise. Are gym memberships cheaper than buying expensive exercise equipment? Short-term, yes. However, this conditional discount doesn’t matter. The best way to spend money is to not buy gym memberships at all.

If you are indeed hell bent on going to the gym, wait for promotional prices and always break down yearly membership fees by month-to-month costs. If you’re spending more than 20 dollars to go to the gym every month, you’re spending way too much.

Work with What You’ve Got

Do you have stairs at home? Use them to do lunges. Is your living room pretty free and clear of furniture? Use it as a space for yoga. Is your office close enough to walk to? Start doing it.

Getting fit requires some creativity at times, and you need to have an innovative mind to discover new ways to workout. Utilize any and all resources you already possess to help you get fit and you will, eventually, see results.

Committing to Routine

It doesn’t cost money to manage your time better. You can find small ways to exercise throughout the day, like using sitting exercises while you’re behind your desk for hours, but you also need about 15 to 30 minutes of cardio time that you can only get by focusing only on exercise.

This means mapping out your schedule and sticking to it. No “but I don’t have time”s or “I’m too tired today”s. Set aside this time to exercise and execute your schedule.

Budget Fitness Food

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to break the bank to buy the right foods for fitness. Go to your local grocery store and map out the cost of buying fresh produce, meats and grains. Look for discounts, coupons and sales. This also requires effort, but it will be well worth it in the end when you’re preparing home cooked, delicious meals that are simultaneously helping slim down your waistline.

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