Epi 75: Stewarding What You Have for a Happily Better After with Brittanie Thomas


Brittanie Thomas is the founder of Happily Better After, a wellness networking collaborative. Brittanie shares some resources and tips as well as what she’s doing in her personal journey and talks to your host Keetria about how to move forward with your career pursuit.

Episode Highlights:

  • Brittanie is a musician, storyteller, and creative – she spent a lot of her life in education and how it intersects in other spaces.
  • How Brittanie came up with the concept for Happily Better After – to help women get out of toxic relationships.
  • About the quarterly events that Happily Better After hosts themed – health and wellness, financial, creativity, and education.
  • The core topics Happily Better After touches on during mentoring and their events.
  • Sharing stories and progress gives people the momentum to keep going.
  • How Brittanie feels about practical, hands-on experience.
  • About the Creatives on Campus program and how it’s a cultivation hub for people.
  • What the mentoring process looks like with Happily Better After.
  • Brittanie is inspired by her own story and journey to keep going and growing.
  • When Brittanie finally decided to take the leap of faith to get her business off the ground.
  • About Brittanie’s musical endeavors and how they intersect with HBA.
  • The challenges Brittanie is up against fine-tuning or finalizing her concepts – three classifications:
    • The Building Process
    • The Creating Process
    • Working from the Inside Out
  • Good stewardship over whatever you have allows support and resources to be attracted to you.

3 Key Points:

  1. Happily Better After exists to help people in every aspect of their life, promoting coaching and celebrating progress.
  2. There’s nothing wrong with not wanting to do a traditional college or even a trade school experience.
  3. Education becomes valuable when you can actually see how it applies.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “I started a movement for something I was still struggling in, and it was my saving grace.” – Brittanie Thomas
  • “We pull from within our network the expertise, stories, and strengths.” – Brittanie Thomas
  • “We’re constantly engaging our students to support our teams.” – Brittanie Thomas
  • “As I see growth in myself, there’s a teaching and learning exchange that I feel responsible to.” – Brittanie Thomas

Resources Mentioned:

  • Check out Brittanie’s website happilybetter.com
  • Find Brittanie on Instagram @HappilyBetter or @CreativesonCampus

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