Epi 72: Living Unfazed with Dr. Tony Warrick


Today on SOB, Dr. Tony Warrick, minister, author, business consultant, and an entrepreneur discusses his journey towards incorporating God into his daily life and overcoming discouragement. Tony shares methods of how to live unfazed by the obstacles that can limit our forward movement, the benefits of being in service to others, and how he has gone about writing his book Jesus and Coffee.


Show Notes:

  • What was Dr. Tony’s Warrick’s life like before he became an entrepreneur
  • How did Dr. Tony Warrick become led towards being in service of others
  • What does faith in the supreme being mean to Tony
  • Faith is developed during our life’s journey during hardships
  • What inspired Tony to write his book Jesus and Coffee
  • How can we incorporate God in everything you do
  • What exactly does “live unfazed” mean
  • How do Dr. Tony Warrick’s consulting and coaching services benefit others
  • Tony offers free prayer requests to anyone that asks for them
  • What is a great first step to building a relationship with God

3 Key Points:

  1. Faith is thanking God in advance.  
  2. Start incorporating God in your daily life by thanking God every day.
  3. If you struggle to start a relationship with God then find a mentor to assist you.


Tweetable Quotes:

  • “From the day I was born, for some reason, I always had this love for helping and serving people.” – Dr. Tony Warrick
  • “If prayer is the key to Heaven’s doorsteps, then faith is what unlocks those doors.” – Dr. Tony Warrick
  • “When you become unfazed, it is your inner strength helping you rebound from a crisis.” – Dr. Tony Warrick


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