Epi 73: Content Marketing with Madeleine Lambert from Content Refined



Today on SOB, Madeleine Lambert, the Co-founder and CEO of Content Refined, a content marketing agency located in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada shares her path to building Content Refined with her partner. Get a better understanding of how Madeleine was able to scale the business, build a team, provide marketing value to clients, and add flexibility into her lifestyle.


Show Notes:

  • Madeleine Lambert introduces herself
  • What makes a great content marketer
  • How did Madeleine gain her experience in content marketing
  • How does Content Refined’s process work for clients
  • How does the Google algorithm affect her content marketing service
  • When did Madeleine know it was time to scale Content Refined
  • What did it take to work up to $50,000 in reoccurring revenue
  • Why does Madeleine define success as freedom
  • What lessons has Madeleine learned from Content Refined
  • Don’t be afraid to hire people smarter than you in vital areas
  • What does Madeleine love about entrepreneurship
  • What keeps Madeleine going in order to overcome adversity
  • Are their current promotions that Content Refined has to offer
  • What advice would Madeleine Lambert give to up-and-coming entrepreneurs

3 Key Points:

  1. Business and finding niches to expand in are Madeleine’s passion.  
  2. Madeleine was able to make her first hire in the first 10 months.
  3. Madeleine’s definition of success is freedom to do what she loves and to explore other avenues of life.


Helpful/Tweetable Quotes:

  • “We have access to a bunch of really, really powerful official marketing tools that allow us access to the big data around keyword research.” – Madeleine Lambert
  • “We have 6 team pods that handle their own sub-set of clients. That’s how we have organized the business.” – Madeleine Lambert


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