5 Lessons on Entrepreneurship

5 Lessons on Entrepreneurship I’ve Learned from other Women Entrepreneurs

Women Entrepreneurs Houston – Over the course of my entrepreneurial journey, I have had the pleasure of meeting some pretty remarkable women who are all flourishing in some area or another in their respective fields.

On multiple occasions, I’ve interviewed women from varied backgrounds for my podcast SOB: Style of Business, connected with them in the gym, during events and collaborated on projects. From the upbeat marketing professional who has built her business on bringing people together through networking to the inspirational fitness entrepreneur who encourages everyone she comes into contact with to always give their best, there is something to be learned from watching the way these ladies operate in the world of business.

While each of them has their own strengths, talents and abilities, I’ve noticed several commonalities that continue to emerge time and time again.

In addition to the handful of lessons that I’ve listed below seeing a group of women support each other through thick and thin has been very inspiring and it motivates me to do the same. It’s been a privilege to regard these attributes as invaluable lessons in which we can all use to our advantage.

Lesson One: Fitness and mental health is extremely important

Whether it’s through quieting your mind during meditation or practicing breathing techniques during yoga making sure your fitness and mental health are taken care of our top priority. In order to excel in anything, having a strong mind and body will sustain you in every aspect of your business. Whether you find yourself in multiple brainstorming sessions with a client or having to haul in a boatload of supplies to your office space, having the strength on both fronts is key.

Lesson Two: There is no try

We all know running a business can be difficult and there are unexpected challenges but having the fortitude to persevere is beneficial for the long game. When obstacles come about you can either choose to move through whatever is holding you back or choose not to do anything at all.

One of the best lessons I’ve learned is this one. You either do it or you don’t. There is no try. Do you try to make it to work on time? You either do or you don’t. One thing I do know is that once you’ve stepped forward in making an effort you’ve made it through half the battle and the rest is a matter of things working out.

Lesson Three: Transitions are completely acceptable

In a world of change, things are bound to take on a different shape, form and even meaning. One thing I’ve taken away from being around other women entrepreneurs is that it’s okay to move on to something new. As we grow and mature, things that once captured our attention or inspired us can quickly turn into something of the past and it’s okay to move on.

For many of us, we get into a routine of always trying to help and please others that we forget about what makes us happy. When we finally realize that we’ve outgrown our space and it’s time to move on, we should accept the change in season and gracefully move forward with smiles on our faces. Transitions and change are a part of our personal growth and development.

Lesson Four: Enjoy what you do

Women Entrepreneurs Houston – We oftentimes start our careers with a sincere passion for making a difference and being able to contribute in ways that allow our creativity to blossom but years of our everyday routines can bring about indifference and a strong desire for a career overhaul.

As discussed above, transitions are okay. In fact, transitions give us an opportunity to start fresh and tap into other things we’re great at. One of the biggest takeaways from starting anything at all or starting something new is to actually enjoy what you do. If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing and you think the money will sustain your happiness you’re wrong. That song you’re singing to yourself will only play for so long before you’re begging for a new tune.

Lesson Five: Knowing your Why

Women Entrepreneurs Houston – Just as important as the other lessons, knowing your way is something that most of us don’t figure out until we’ve experienced enough to know what we don’t want. The reason why knowing the why is important is being clear about your goals will help you focus on what’s important and weed out all the crap that isn’t. We can also forget our why.

During times of burnout, I’ve learned it’s important to look inside myself to see if the work that I’m doing is something I enjoy. And more importantly, I had to ask myself why was I doing this type of work and if people were actually benefiting from my contributions. Whether your why is to open a yoga retreat center or to save money for a family vacation, the fact that you know your why is something solid you can rest upon even when distractions come about.

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